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15 July 2008

Today We Talk About Turkey, Terrorism and the Turkish Hizbullah/Hizbollah ...

Whenever we bloggers blog, we invariably hope to hell that somebody, somewhere spends at least some of their time reading what we've written. And whenever we're 'linked' by any brother/sister bloggers we're bound to believe it's 'nice' - and to brag a bit too - to say the least.

It's nicer still when any of those links are from 'foreigners' from far off places.

As for as ourselves, for reasons that should be obvious to all our regular readers, it's particularly pleasing to find ourselves/our work being talked about by Turks ... in Turkey.

And it's nicer still when a subject we had fully intended to talk about in some detail - soon - turns out to have already been done for us ... entirely unplanned and entirely independently.

So, here for personal perusal is a snip from today's "Turkish Blog Count."

Attack on the US Consulate in Istanbul

As noted above, on July 9th an attack against the US Consulate building in Istanbul was carried out.

Three policeman were killed as well as three attackers, the real blog buzz, however, is focused on not only why the attack was carried out, but who was responsible, and how it was handled by the authorities.
Read the rest of that report, right here. And, note that the next clip & paste is the previously referred to reference/link (within that article) to 'This Old Brit'.

In fact, a non-Turkish blog stated that they were convinced the attacks were carried out by Kurdish terrorist groups as well:
Now, nobody should have seriously supposed we were set to leave this very, very interesting topic alone ... before we'd sown some seeds. Well, should they?

So here's what we want to say.

We smell the stink of something fishy. In fact we strongly suspect that somebody, somewhere is setting somebody, somewhere up for

And, setting them up for something special. Such as... something as (seriously), special as carrying somebody else's can.

What's more, we'd sincerely suggest we're all set to see & hear said 'something special', pretty soon.

As always though, time alone will tell.

Turkish Hizbullah/Hizbollah.

(Cross posted at 'appletree')

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I smell a rat here also. It stinks as much as your fish, Richard.

American 'security' ran inside the embassy without firing a shot because they weren't 'authorised' to. Ha! Since when has some little trifle like that ever stopped them?

5:41 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

**I now find that Global Voices" also picked up.**

6:06 pm  
Anonymous rambo said...

you jerks are full off crap

10:09 pm  

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