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11 July 2008

Iran, Israel, Insanity and the Demonic, Demented Dick Cheney ...

Worried about Iran?



End games?


Dick Cheney?

Shadow governments?

Lunatics taking over asylums?

Enemies within?

Death wishes for dummies?

End of civilisation as we know it?

Etc, etc?

Frustrated with Bush, the Veep Urges Israel to Attack Iran

Cheney, Israel and Iran

By Gary Leupp
Now read the rest right here.

And note the source and date.

Good night.

And good luck.

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Anonymous bootlean said...

Dick Cheney=evil personified

5:21 pm  
Anonymous bluey said...

Richard, I already told you. It's too late. The war has been started. By the US. They have a naval blockade on. That - "officially" - in ALL the books is in itself an act of war. I repeat, the US has already begun a ANOTHER fucking war.

No fucking wonder Iran is preparing and testing missiles. And no one is paying any fucking attention. Every one is having it shoved in their face and down their throat, by the media WHORES that it is Iran doing all the provactive stuff.

If you decide to delete this comment because I've used strong language Richard, so be it, it's your blog. From what I know of you though, I think you won't.

Listen people get a fucking clue. It's already too late. Bush+Cheney Co have started ANOTHER fucking war.

8:14 pm  

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