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17 August 2008

Terry Pratchett Speaks Out About Sick & Sorry State of Britain's N.H.S.

Terry Pratchett launches attack on NHS

Terry Pratchett has criticised the NHS for failing to provide the drugs for Alzheimer's patients, while supplying Viagra for free.

The bestselling author, who was diagnosed with the early-onset form of the disease last December, has questioned why he and other sufferers are denied free access to the drug Aricept.

Aricept can slow the progress of the disease, and only costs £2.50 a day, but as there are 400,000 Alzheimer's sufferers in the UK, the NHS (National Health Service) has ruled out using it in the mild stages of the disease everywhere except Scotland.
Read the rest Terry's truly telling report, right here.


It's enough to make one want to be.

The late, great Nye Bevan must be turning in his grave.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scandalous! Everyone should be right on their own MP over this. And they should remind them in no uncertain terms that they're dependent on our votes to keep their jobs.

11:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I was gutted to read that Terry has the onset of Altzeimers. What a fine mind he has. His books are so on the mark as a reflection of the world we live in; satire doesn't even come close, IMHO. It's no surprise that NuLab can't get their priorities right; more NuCon to my mind.

Anon - I'm not sure the present shower even care about the voters, but if enough people made a fuss, who knows? Will they, though?

Rick, re your 'Bin' article preceeding. Your blog is great, osit. Don't let those detractors (beginning with 'b'...) get you down. You're A-OK in my book! Keep up the good work!


12:27 pm  

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