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31 August 2008

A Bit About Old 'Beeb' Man Martin Bell - Author of "The Truth That Sticks" ... (Or Stinks?)

Remember good old Martin Bell? 'The Man in the White Suit'?

Martin Bell, the one time brilliant, brave , front line fighting BBC man? He
of that uber-rapidly increasingly rarest of breeds? That certain special species now nearly, entirely extinct?

You know, real journalists and/or war correspondents.

Well, anyway ...

Yesterday, on television, we watched
Anne Robinson, one of our scariest scouser sisters, presenting a special celebrity version of 'The Weakest Link'. Our man Martin was one of several 'Brit-News-Guys' contenders competing for some sorely needed cash for personally chosen charities.

It transpired that Bell was neither the (literally) weakest link nor the strongest, meaning that since he was ousted before the end we weren't ever enlightened as to which charity was his personal preference. However, we'd venture to suggest that it could well have had some sort of UNESCO connection.

But we waffle and digress. As, we quite cheerfully confess completely, we all too often tend to do. (Phew!)

Something Bell said to answer one of his sandy haired, host cum quiz mistress Anne Robinson's personal questions, seemed to us to sum up super-succinctly our own long standing, understanding of current press peoples' sickeningly sad situation(s).

Anne asked Martin how much he thought things had changed recently regarding reporting from war zones, hot-spots, such like, etc and so on.

Here's our hero's (had to be) paraphrased answer.

These days almost everybody is 'embedded'.
Even if & when one anyone somehow finds their way to a front line, they're bound to be rung on their mobile phone by "someone saying what to say."

We'd say that that says it all.

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