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11 February 2008

Completely Uncalled For Religious Controversy Caused By Rowan Williams Speaking Before Thinking Things Through


Although ardently agnostic and freely admittedly against the agendas of all 'organised' religious organisations, we genuinely doubt there are many people more truly tolerant, empathetic and liberal than ourselves. That's why, at the time, we saw more good than harm in the meeting pictured below.

However, there are always some misguided souls that we sincerely believe are liberal to the point of plain and simple silliness. Silliness such as needlessly (and pointlessly), causing controversy where none had existed prior to the opening of some big gobs before the engagement of some befuddled brains.

All of which may offer a clue or two as to why we'd decided to produce a piece appertaining to the recent, amazing abberation of Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury and elected leader of the protestant Church of England.

That is, until we found that a fine fellow Brit blogging buddy, R.J. Adams had beaten us to it.

Here's a couple of clips from R.J.'s admirable and highly illuminating article on aforementioned topic.

An Archbishop’s Folly

Once in a while, the strain of leading a large group of individuals intent on believing the unbelievable, becomes too much to bear. Mental lethargy and incompetence take over and the mind conjures weird, twisted, ideas better left to slink and suppurate in the dank, dark, cellars of the subconscious.

Britain’s Protestant Christian leader, the “Very Reverend” Archbishop Rowan Williams, known more colloquially as the “Mad Welsh Druid” or “Merlin’s Dad”, has, to put it kindly, recently flipped his lid by proclaiming Sharia law would inevitably become a part of the British judicial system.[1]


One result of the Archbishop’s folly has been to highlight a little known fact about certain aspects of British justice - it doesn’t apply to Jews. Suddenly, the working people of Britain have for the first time been made aware of Battei [Beth] Din,[2] Jewish courts covering civil issues as diverse as business and divorce. They’ve been around for centuries, but until now most Brits had no knowledge of their existence.

What’s good enough for Jews, quoth our good Archbishop, is equally relevant to Muslims.

Read the rest of R.J.'s remarkably revealing piece posted at his own place --
"Sparrow Chat"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I personally believe that Rowan Williams is sincere about almost everything he does and says. Whether he's misguided or not is entirely another matter. But saying something like this in public was always bound to divisive, and never more so than in the this country's current [and precarious] religious and political "climate".

6:05 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No sane person would suggest Rowan Williams is not well meaning, but however good his intentions a man in his position must stop and consider before making such obviously contentious comments.

Thanks for the link, Richard. You'll note from the photo on your post that it is Williams on his knees kissing the Papal ring. In true medieval tradition, the pope still considers himself head of all Christian churches. You'll never see him subservient to any other cleric. Frankly, I have little time for any of them. However good their intentions, the biblical mythology imbued into their being makes anything they think, say, or do irrelevant in a secular society.

8:03 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I wanted to listen to what priests and their ilk think - I'd go to their churches. The last thing I want is for them to arrive in my living room both unannounced and uninvited - via my radio or TV.

That's how America was invaded years ago, and that's how it's still kept firmly under the heel of the religious nutter-invader's jackboot.

11:45 pm  

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