Blogroll Me! How This Old Brit Sees It ...: Bush says Obama and Clinton threaten peace and prosperity. No, it's not a joke.

08 February 2008

Bush says Obama and Clinton threaten peace and prosperity. No, it's not a joke.


From the Huffington Post:

"We have had good debates and soon we will have a nominee who will carry the conservative banner into this election and beyond," Bush said in prepared remarks of a speech he was to give Friday to the Conservative Political Action Conference.

"Prosperity and peace are in the balance," the president said in speech excerpts the White House released on Thursday night. "So with confidence in our vision and faith in our values, let us go forward ... fight for victory ... and keep the White House in 2008."

From CNN:

A growing number of top economists believe that the U.S. economy has now toppled into recession. Alarm bells were set off Tuesday by a grim report on service businesses, which make up the majority of the U.S. economy. The Institute of Supply Management said that activity in the service sector declined for the first time in nearly five years. This report also indicated that employers are cutting staff.

From Reuters:

A civilian was killed in a U.S. air strike on Baghdad on Thursday after Iraqi neighbourhood police mistakenly opened fire on a U.S. boat patrol, the U.S. military said.

The incident, the latest in which innocent Iraqis have been killed, occurred after neighbourhood police, called "concerned local citizens" (CLC) by the U.S. military, shot at a U.S. forces on patrol on the Tigris River south of the capital. The U.S. soldiers returned fire in self-defence and called up support from the air. A building next to the CLC checkpoint was hit, killing the civilian.

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Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

It beggars sodding belief, doesn't it?
For once, I'm left speechless.

11:38 pm  
Anonymous bluey said...

The way things are going in the states, nothing is beyond belief any more. Except that so many dumbos actually believe some of the stupid shit they're expected to.

2:30 pm  
Anonymous R J Adams said...

I believe it was Jeremy Clarkson who once commented, "It would appear that Americans are now mating with vegetables."
That they allow this sort of thing to go on under their noses without turning a hair, possibly proves him correct. Soon, there will be no need of a US military as all such work will be contracted out to private armies. Blackwater is just the beginning. Meanwhile, the great American public continues to complain that the Hollywood writers' strike deprives them of their favorite, mind-numbing, entertainment.

2:48 am  
Anonymous R J Adams said...

Ooops! Sorry Richard. That comment above was meant to be on the "InfraGard" post. Life's been a bit hectic of late. I think I must be getting old!

2:51 am  

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