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15 December 2007

Belarus Backs Russia's President Putin Against Proposed American Missiles In Europe ...


While much of the western world passes popcorn and watches with wonderment, the Bali 'Climate Change' Christmas pantomime (seasonal, juvenile comical theatrical production ...)

Belarus backs Russia on missiles

Belarus says it is ready to "play its role" as a Russian ally if the US overrides Moscow's objections and creates new missile bases in Europe.

Russia has warned it may place missiles in Belarus to counter US plans for bases in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Belarussian leader Alexander Lukashenko praised ties with Russia as he hosted President Vladimir Putin in Minsk.
We wonder if anyone - with an IQ of even just double digits - will be at all surprised?

"Belarus is ready to play its role in the issues of the planned deployment in Europe of US missile defence systems," Mr Lukashenko said.

He did not specify what this role would be.

Last month, a senior Russian general said his country may place missiles in Belarus to counter US plans for bases in central Europe.

The US says it plans to build a missile defence system by building bases in the Czech Republic and Poland that could help intercept missiles fired from countries such as Iran.

Russia has however dismissed the alleged threat from Iran and said the US is targeting its territory.
Oh, dear. We wonder what would make Russia (and Belarus and many more completely comprehending countries), mistrust old Uncle Sam so much? Eh?

Read the rest of the most recent Russia-Belarus report.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Belarus=Massive Military Industrial Complex

8:47 pm  
Anonymous peter england said...

All this crap about missiles - duh!

There are already very sophisticated weapons that can knock out electrical-electronic systems of even the most modern planes, missiles, whatever.

All the US missiles (and their developing, production, transporting, siting, manning, securing, maintaining, etc) are for making money for the US arms barons -- NOT as an effective weapon OR deterrent.

Anyone who manufactures and sells ANYTHING knows that it's all a waste of time unless there's a market DEMAND for it's goods. Hence there's always got to be a bogeyman to sell the US congress critters AND public their bill of goods..

A fat lot of good any of this multi billion dollar "defence" crap did to protect the US from 9/11 - don't you think?

And btw, what use is it against any bio weapons that someone has up their sleeve?

None. Nil. Nix. Nought. Nowt.

9:13 pm  
Anonymous me said...

When you get right down to it and forget all the hype, here's Real World US Today. 8*}

9:35 pm  
Anonymous dutch said...

Short range missles may very well be a threat to particular Russian interests.

From the BBC article:
"However, ties between the two countries were recently strained over Russian efforts to raise the price of fuel it supplies to Belarus"

Russia does not want its petroleum distribution network to be under the threat of short range missles controlled by American led interests.

Can't say as I blame them, on the other hand I am not so sure that I much like the growing Russian energy supply network, either.

11:44 pm  
Anonymous kiwi said...

America's own [homeland] missile defence shield is anything but a shield, at least a reliable one. It's never ever been known to work anything like as efficiently as it's cracked to be.

Most outside the US are only too well aware of this.

10:17 am  

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