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13 November 2007

Plight Of Britain's Poorest Pensioners ...

Sometimes there are some who say we're anti-American.

You know, some sort of obsessive compulsive US bashers.

But believe us, those who say (or think) that's so, are wrong.

They're dead wrong.

What we completely unashamedly and unapologetically are, is devoutly anti-injustice -- wherever it be evident.

We're nothing more and nothing less.

Here's a couple of pieces of proof.

Today we're giving good old Great Britain a bashing, or rather the top-dog and/or fat-cat Brits (along with their bought & paid for political enablers cum apologists), who damned well deserve to be bashed.

How's this for a couple of horrible headlines?

UK 'worst EU state pension system'

Elderly 'can't afford to heat home'

And it's not Gordon Brown alone who needs beating about the head with a bloody big stick in order to be brought to book. His despicable prick of a predecessor Tony Blair, wasn't anywhere near such a 'one off' self serving schmuck as it once was all too easy to (initially), imagine.

Plenty of previous British governments share the blame for bringing about the sad & sorry state so many of our poor, elderly and infirm folk currently find themselves in.

And, all such selfish politicians who we've had to suffer should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

But you know what?

We'll bet a blooming big clock that they're not.

Whenever, however and where ever we can, we should always 'Help The Aged'.

All of us should.

Especially, our politicians.


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Anonymous a pensioner said...

Well said, sir.

8:01 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown is a common or garden border bandit; he has the same mentality as a mediaeval robber baron. He proved this time and time again when he was Cancellor of the Exchequer. He takes money from people; he does not give it back. He will not change. Why didn't we have a general election when Bliar was kicked out? We didn't want Phony Tony and we don't want Reiver Brown. So how can we get rid of him? And who can we replace him with? Are there any real alternatives among the present 'snouts in the trough' Westminster politicians?


9:06 pm  
Blogger Twilight said...

With regard to being said to be "anti-American", Richard, like me and millions of others you are anti-American government. "Anti-American" is a daft expression - if someone accuses you of it ask them "American what?"

I'm not up to date on Brit politics, but I do notice that my state pension hasn't increased much since I got here. I do feel for those poor souls who have no second pension and nothing else coming in, no family to assist. It's a sad way to end their days.

11:29 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you people like you lot expect? Me and people like me who planned ahead better than they did, to subsidise them?

12:49 am  

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