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30 November 2006

So, The Coalition Of The Willing Is Still Shrinking ...

Yeah ... maybe baby ... once upon a time.

But today ...

South Korean troops are to "terminate their mission" in Iraq by the end of next year, the defence minister and the ruling Uri party have said.

Noh Woong-Rae, a spokesman for Uri, said: "The government reported to the Uri party that it will draw up a plan by the end of June to terminate the mission and wrap up the mission by the end of 2007."
Read the full report.

Amazing isn't it?

That this comes at exactly the same time Bush spouts once again that he'll stick it out to the bitter end and the job is done -- whatever the hell that means in the pathetic plonker of this particular US president's pin-head.

Also, that it comes at the same time we learn how the so called Anglo American 'special relationship' seems to be terminally sick.

Incidentally, in case you weren't aware here's who's already kicked into touch the whole crazy US-UK & Co, Iraq caper.

South Korea: 3,300 invasion--2,600 WITHDRAWAL PLANNED (12/07)
Poland: 2,400 troops--WITHDRAWAL PLANNED (12/06)
Italy: 1,800 troops--WITHDRAWN (9/06)
Ukraine: 1,650 troops--WITHDRAWN (12/05)
Netherlands : 1,345 troops--WITHDRAWN (3/05)
Spain : 1,300 troops--WITHDRAWN (4/04)
Japan: 600 troops--WITHDRAWN (7/06)
Bulgaria : 462 troops--WITHDRAWN (4/06)
Thailand: 423 troops--WITHDRAWN (9/04)
Honduras: 368 troops--WITHDRAWN (5/04)
Dominican Republic: 302 troops--WITHDRAWN (5/04)
Hungary: 300 troops--WITHDRAWN (12/04)
Nicaragua: 230 troops--WITHDRAWN (2/04)
Singapore: 192 troops--WITHDRAWN (1/04)
Norway: 150 troops--WITHDRAWN (8/06)
Portugal: 128 troops--WITHDRAWN (2/05)
New Zealand: 61 troops--WITHDRAWN (9/04)
Philippines: 51 troops--WITHDRAWN (7/04)
Tonga: 45 troops--WITHDRAWN (12/04)
Iceland: 2 troops--WITHDRAWN

And as if that's not enough 'enough is enough' evidence, have you seen some of the 'joke' numbers of some of the 'joke' forces remaining?

Then try this surprise for size.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


7:53 pm  
Anonymous Rex said...

It's a wonder to me that there isn't another coalition of the willing. One that's sick & tired of all the US & UK shit stirring. One that want to cut our noses right off whenever we stick them in where they're not wanted.

But, er, I suppose there already is of sorts -- the one now operating in Iraq.

12:51 am  
Anonymous gordo said...

If Iceland's two soldiers were still there, we'd be winning. Those were a couple of badass mofos.

1:40 am  
Anonymous whoever said...

Yeah, the Icelanders were great under cover, special op's guys. They just melted into the desert. ;-)

9:23 am  
Blogger markfromireland said...

You bad bad bad old brit you!

How you can you be so pessimistic, so cruel, so heartless, so .... words fail to express my disappointment in you. As long as the 33 Macedonians are there dispensing smiles, hugs, chocolates, and cevapici, peace justice and democracy will prevail!!!!!!

Little fluffy bunnys the world over are heartbroken at your callousness.

For shame richard, for shame!

Snort giggle ......

9:58 am  
Anonymous kiwi said...

Strewth, Richard.

Thanks for this. It really does show what a joke the so-called coalitions really is or was.

The tiny (token), numbers sent from many places like Mongolia ( I wonder if it was 'outer' or 'inner' oe mabe 'muddle') and Tonga and such. I wonder what carrots and sticks were used by BushCo to get these little places to help him lengthen his list?

I'm as guilty as anyone of not paying attention before now I suppose. It was ALWAYS an even bigger con than it seemed.

(exits, mind boggling even more than usaual)

11:33 am  
Anonymous Phil said...

Offers they couldn't refuse I bet. Remember the pre-war coices offered to Afghanistan and Pakistan?

"We can either pave your streets with gold ~~ or with bombs ~~ and they were as good as their word in both cases.

2:31 pm  
Anonymous denk said...

the coalition of willing

an aside, if anybody find an article thats worth keeping , save a copy (in archive format , "mht") and its link in your hard disk. i think something is seriously amiss, lots of links become broken after i post it in some forum, whats more, while previously i can easily retrieved it from the google archive by entering a few keywords, nowadays when a link is broken, it also disappear from the google archive....
its getting curiouser and curiouser.
enjoy it while you can, the internet, our last bastion of free speech.

6:20 am  

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