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26 November 2006

Is Cherie Blair Bonkers?

Shown above in her official, judicial regalia is Cherie. Or to put that more plainly, here's our Cherie seen in her working clothes.

And Cherie, in case you didn't recognise her, is the so-called socialist, so-called learned, Queen's Counsel, Judge, and wife of Britain's so-called socialist Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

Today we're told - and it's far from the first time we've heard this sort of story (from several assorted journalists), that Cherie's big mouth really is a big mouth -- in more ways than one.

And now, as if to prove all previous related reports, she's managed to fit her foot in her genuinely, gargantuan gob -- again.

Journalists have no morality, PM's wife tells students

By Jo Lo Dico and Francis Elliott

Published: 26 November 2006

Cor blimey Charlie, Cherie, have you gone completely crackers?

In other words, are you mad, missus?

Didn't you think that most journalists would virtually be jumping for joy -- at the thought being able to report on you saying something as stupid as that?

Didn't you realise you were actually giving them even more ammunition to add to their already more than adequate arsenal?

Particularly, in view of the fact that those you chose to rant to ... were student journalists?

So once again, Mrs Blair, are you bloody barking?

Bonkers? Barmy? Puddled? Befuddled? Confused? Crazy? Or what?

See what's being said now?

... the students say the PM's wife delivered a "rant" and they weren't given an opportunity to defend their putative trade.
As well as this.

One student, Lya Pfaffli, said: "I think we were all quite taken aback at her complete lack of tact and diplomacy ...
And see what This Old Brit is saying right here on his blog.

How the hell can anyone showing such obviously, shockingly poor judgement actually be a judge?

Cherie, cher, as our French friends would say, Firmez votre bouche!

Peruse the complete piece at The Independent.



Anonymous Charles. said...

They're a well matched pair. She's as vain and phoney as he is.

11:03 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She's as star-struck and power hungry as her "Tone" too.

12:54 am  
Anonymous xxx said...

New Labour? Tony and Cherie? That's a laugh. More like Same Old Conservatism.

1:13 am  
Anonymous kiwi said...

Each time she's run to the press council whinging & whining (and that's pretty often), they've turned her complaint down. Being so used to being someone who always gets her way, has miffed her even more.

Tought shit, Cherie, get over it. If she can't stand the heat she should get out the kitchen.

10:57 am  
Anonymous anonymous 2 said...

She must be really unpoular. I put a 1st edition copy of a Cherie Blair biography on ebay a few days ago - and so far had no bids. Crazy?

4:02 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Couple of corrections:

1. It's "Queen's Counsel" not "Queen's Council"

2. A QC is not a judge but rather a senior barrister. Some QCs do sit as part time judges, but that is a separate appointment.

5:36 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Oops! Thanks for spotting that, anon. Some sort of Freudian slip-cum-typo on my part there re: council & counsel. That's after just doing the previous piece on her husband and the council/cash story. I'll make the change.

As for QC & Judge, Cherie does hold both appointments.

5:53 pm  
Anonymous Hydrocodone said...

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