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14 November 2006



It's been a terribly tedious and totally tiring type of day, today.

And we ain't getting any younger.

What's more (and what's worse), is that it's also been bloody typical, British November weather, ie: positively pissing persistent-serial-precipitation.

But as every proper pro knows, the show must go on; short show or not -- since something is better than nothing.

Especially, if it's for free.

So, before we both bugger off for a bath before bedtime ... here y'go.


Have at it.

Pass it on.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A good 'un, Richard, but it could have been better. They could have added " - IN THE WORLD." In fact, they should have.

12:29 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like moths to a flame, these Pharisaic Phalanx-niks can't help but betray their plans by occident!

Desperation has put the backwards neo-Zealot outpost in an ideological pickle - sure it takes power, but does it do so NOT at the expense of the very religion it claims to protect?

Check out my upcoming post for the predictable truth we all saw coming - Sinister Semitic Shlock-artists and the Slime they Sell!

7:59 am  
Anonymous bluey said...


All that went way over my head, behemoth. Was it a pro or anti Bush rant?

11:36 am  
Anonymous whoever said...


I want one of them posters. My old dartboard needs livening up.

And behemoth, what bluey said -- can you translate your message for uni-lingual dunces like me ?

6:00 pm  

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