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20 November 2006

If They Hadn't Killed Bobby Kennedy, He'd Be 81 Today ...

Speaking of Kennedy killings ... which we were, in our previous post.

Today's 'Guardian' gives us this.

Today would have been Robert Kennedy's 81st birthday.

The world is crying out for a compassionate leader like him.

If dark forces were behind his elimination, it needs to be investigated.
Amen to that. We could not agree more.

Now read on.

Did the CIA kill Bobby Kennedy?

In 1968, Robert Kennedy seemed likely to follow his brother, John, into the White House.

Then, on June 6, he was assassinated - apparently by a lone gunman. But Shane O'Sullivan says he has evidence implicating three CIA agents in the murder

Monday November 20, 2006 --
The Guardian

Excuse our quick snip-cut-paste, and please continue reading.

As Kennedy lies dying on the pantry floor, Sirhan is arrested as the lone assassin. He carries the motive in his shirt-pocket (a clipping about Kennedy's plans to sell bombers to Israel) and notebooks at his house seem to incriminate him.

But the autopsy report suggests Sirhan could not have fired the shots that killed Kennedy.

Witnesses place Sirhan's gun several feet in front of Kennedy, but the fatal bullet is fired from one inch behind.

And more bullet-holes are found in the pantry than Sirhan's gun can hold, suggesting a second gunman is involved.
Interesting isn't it?

But there's much more.

As I researched the case, I uncovered new video and photographic evidence suggesting that three senior CIA operatives were behind the killing. I did not buy the official ending that Sirhan acted alone, and started dipping into the nether-world of "assassination research", crossing paths with David Sanchez Morales, a fearsome Yaqui Indian.

Morales was a legendary figure in CIA covert operations.

According to close associate Tom Clines, if you saw Morales walking down the street in a Latin American capital, you knew a coup was about to happen.

When the subject of the Kennedys came up in a late-night session with friends in 1973, Morales launched into a tirade that finished: "I was in Dallas when we got the son of a bitch and I was in Los Angeles when we got the little bastard."

Alright, after the next enticing excerpt you're all on your own.

With no secret service protection for presidential candidates in those days, Kennedy was guarded by unarmed Olympic decathlete champion Rafer Johnson and football tackler Rosey Grier - no match for an expert assassination team.

Trawling through microfilm of the police investigation, I found further photographs of Campbell with a third figure, standing centre-stage in the Ambassador hotel hours before the shooting.

He looked Greek, and I suspected he might be George Joannides, chief of psychological warfare operations at JM-Wave.

Joannides was called out of retirement in 1978 to act as the CIA liaison to the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) investigating the death of John F Kennedy.
Coincidences? Conspiracies? Kennedy curses?

Certain insightful, intelligent individuals still insist on speaking of a kull.

Read the rest of this amazing, investigative Guardian piece, right here.

** UPDATE: 21/11/06. Another 'must watch' ( Bobby Kennedy killing related), video from commenter ... 'an ancient Brit'.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Independently wealthy, Irish America Catholics? Running America? And keeping certain other noses out of business? Oooooh, no way! That HAD to be stopped.

We can now all only wonder what direction America might have taken if ..... but, alas it was not to be and now we'll never know.

Only one thing is certain, both the US and the world would probably been much better places that they are now.

11:43 pm  
Anonymous Griffon said...

Sirhan Sirhan gets a mention in this very interesting article from a very emminent psychologist when talking of his research into CIA methods.

The Greenbaum Speech

This speech is posted on many sites on the web. I know nothing of this particular site and so no endorsement of this site is implied by me.
However, I can attest to the accuracy of many of the methods and behaviours mentioned in Dr. Hammond's speech. It's real!

11:48 pm  
Anonymous Rex said...

Shot from behind, from a one inch distance -- yet some idiots still insist the lone patsy, Sirhan did it. And plenty more idiots believe them. The mind boggles.

Maybe Sirhan used "another" magic bullet. NOT.

1:16 pm  
Anonymous an ancient brit said...

YOU ALL MUST SEE THIS short film and the interviews therein. There is NO DOUBT that Sirhan DID NOT KILL Bobby Kennedy. He was indeed the patsy -- and at the same time - the all important DISTRACTION -- at the time of the murder.

Which in all likelyhood was carried out by one of the uniformed, private security men. The whitewash investigation hid and ignored so much eyewitness evidence that it is mindblowing.


2:57 pm  
Blogger bootlian said...

I missed this on BBC that was aired last night - damn!!!! Anyone else here see it?

CIA role claim in Kennedy killing

New video and photographic evidence that puts three senior CIA operatives at the scene of Robert Kennedy's assassination has been brought to light.
And now another one to watch. Thanks, an ancient brit. I can't wait.

3:44 pm  
Anonymous midaged said...

thanks for that ancient brit and old brit

i watched it through

no doubt about it

the patsy was just that - he did not kill kennedy

9:55 pm  
Blogger landsker said...

I watched some of the film, and yes, it seems about right.
I have, if that`s o.k., linked into this post.
Perhaps our Mr Blair should explain why these days, he so rarely visits the U.S.?

Examining the current political and economic climate there, perhaps one should expect more "shots from the grassy knoll."

10:58 am  

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