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27 August 2006

Jimmy Carter's Crushing Criticism Of Compliant, Subserviant Tony Blair

Perhaps twice a year (at most), do we two take it upon ourselves to tip the nod in the direction of The Daily Telegraph - aka - Torygraph.

Well, thanks to one of our long standing, liberal American friends (lets call the lady in question, Lucy) today has turned out to be one of those times.

When Lucy found and alerted us to this link, we were immediately reminded that there always were things about former American President Jimmy Carter, which we'd liked; often, liked a lot. This Telegraph header from today's online edition should show you what we mean.

Compliant and subservient: Jimmy Carter's explosive critique of Tony Blair

By John Preston and Melissa Kite - (Filed: 27/08/2006)

Well, what did we tell you? Come to think of it, what have we been trying to tell everybody - and their cats & dogs - for what seems like forever?

Okay, disregarding (purely temporarily), our (trademark), braggardly rhetoric, read right on.

Tony Blair's lack of leadership and timid subservience to George W Bush lie behind the ongoing crisis in Iraq and the worldwide threat of terrorism, according to the former American president Jimmy Carter.

Outspoken: Jimmy Carter, who condemns the pre-emptive strike on Iraq
Outspoken: Jimmy Carter condemns the Iraq invasion

"I have been surprised and extremely disappointed by Tony Blair's behaviour," he told The Sunday Telegraph.

"I think that more than any other person in the world the Prime Minister could have had a moderating influence on Washington - and he has not. I really thought that Tony Blair, who I know personally to some degree, would be a constraint on President Bush's policies towards Iraq."

In an exclusive interview, President Carter made it plain that he sees Mr Blair's lack of leadership as being a key factor in the present crisis in Iraq, which followed the 2003 invasion - a pre-emptive move he said he would never have considered himself as president.

If ever there was an old Yank president who This Old Brit appreciated, then Jimmy Carter was, quite catagorically, his number one.

Here's another excellent extract from the same Sunday online story.
We now have a situation where America is so unpopular overseas that even in countries like Egypt and Jordan our approval ratings are less than five per cent. It's a shameful and pitiful state of affairs and I hold your British Prime Minister to be substantially responsible for being so compliant and subservient."
So compliant and subservient, eh?

Plainly, gentleman Jimmy's far too polite to come right out and call a poodle a poodle. Though he does say this.

"We've never before had an administration that would endorse pre-emptive war - that is a basic policy of going to war against another country even though our own security was not directly threatened," he said. In his book, President Carter writes: "I have been sorely tempted to launch a military attack on foreigners."

But had he still been president, he says that he would never have considered invading Iraq in 2003.

"No," he said, "I would never have ordered it. However, I wouldn't have excluded going into Afghanistan, because I think we had to strike at al-Qaeda and its leadership. But then, to a major degree, we abandoned the anti-terrorist effort and went almost unilaterally with Great Britain into Iraq."

Now, before buggering off to The Telegraph to read the rest yourself, we'd like you to look at this little quote.

At 81, Mr Carter - the 39th American president, from 1977 to 1981, and the winner of the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize - plainly has no intention of sitting on his porch and nodding quietly away as the sun goes down over his peanut farm.

And finally ....

He has just published a book, Faith and Freedom, in which he savages the American administration for leading the country into insularity and intolerance.

Right, then. Now read the remainder.

Here's the relevant link.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carter had one BIG fault. He was too honest to be a politician - let alone president. And I mean that as compliment.

12:34 am  
Blogger Gert said...

I really thought that Tony Blair, who I know personally to some degree,

Well, we all have lapses of judgment.

Where does TOB keep getting these nuggets from? Deep Throat inside the Black House?

Shares in peanut farms? Too far-fetched...

1:56 am  
Blogger Jrum said...

...from the Daily Telegraph, not exactly Deep Throat. And we know they make mistakes, lots of them, or so says George Galloway.

2:13 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wake up at the back there. George Galloway CLAIMED something. The British courts dealing in laws of the land and dispensing British justice, AGREED with that claim.

Anyways, I bet Carter does not claim this is wrong.

2:34 am  
Blogger markfromireland said...

I see your troll who claims to be someone else, lies when asked outright if he's one and the same, spins a pack of garbage about his IP address when caught that way too, and consistently engages in casuistry is back Richard lucky you.

Thanks for the comment over at "guides" yeah I'd heard about Marmaris, very well coordinated attack from what I've read. The Istanbul one sounds a bit more sophisticated and so is a bit more worrying.

6:58 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Toady Bliar knows he is all washed up as a politician in Britain, so he has nothing to lose now by hanging on to Georgie Porgie's pants.

Jimmy Carter was one of the best US presidents, and truly deserved the Nobel Peace Prize (unlike some!)

What is really scary, though, is if that neo-nazi John Reid becomes Britain's next prime minister. I hope you do an article about him sometime soon. His CV reads like a horror story! That man definitely has maggots beneath his skin.

11:35 am  
Anonymous bluey said...

I love that last bit from Carter's book.

Insularity and intolerance ... 'R US.

Obviously, font emphasis is mine ..... nevertheless .... anyone wanna disprove it?

11:56 am  
Blogger bootlian said...

Ah, Jimmy Cater. A good man. Also a politician - and a President too - but one with a head and heart and soul. A rare combination indeed.

8:20 pm  
Anonymous max said...

Speaking of Blair, where the hell is he Richard? Vacation's over I heard, but that's all I heard. Has he left the planet?

Btw, thanks for this Jimmy Carter story. He's STILL my favorite .

10:34 pm  
Anonymous jultra said...

"We now have a situation where America is so unpopular overseas that even in countries like Egypt and Jordan our approval ratings are less than five per cent. It's a shameful and pitiful state of affairs and I hold your British Prime Minister to be substantially responsible for being so compliant and subservient"

I personally dont't buy into this view, understandable as it is, of Blair as Bush's poodle.

No doubt Blair is somewhat in awe of US power, but you have to remember that Blair has about 1000 times the mental capacity of Bush. It's not Bush Blair is in awe of. Blair has done these things because he wants to see them happen, not because Bush told him to.

It feels more serious than this. It feels like Blair is trying to buy himself a position in a future global 'order' and the sacrifice of the UK has been a gift to do just that.

9:32 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Well, it looks like there's not one contrary opinion re: Jimmy Carter here. It's how I hoped it would be but could not be sure. After all, there are still people who think our current US & Uk leaders are 'okay guys'.

And as usual, thanks for all your comments, ideas and recommendations.

2:24 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm posting from across the US, Texas to be exact, and am an American citizen. It is nice to see that there are people out there that did find Carter's statements relevant. The White House has dismissed former US President Jimmy Carter as "increasingly irrelevant". Here in the US it seems everyone is all to eager to blast Carter for his statements agains Bush and Blair. I personally admire Carter for his candor and speaking out against Bush's actions. The White House states that Carter's statements are "reckless personal criticism". Bush's entire presidency has been reckless, and that's putting it mildly. I think when all is said and done, when we look back on this period in history, we will wonder why there has there been a lack of opposition and speaking out against the atrocities that Bush has committed.

1:00 pm  

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