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05 May 2006

Watching While Bush Watches Colbert ~ or ~ If Looks Could Kill ...


Watching Colbert's comedy routine and the accompanying hilarious, Helen Thomas video caused George W. Bush to blanche - to say the very least.

In fact we heard one witty wag quite confidently claim: "It caused the creep to cringe." And we're here today to confirm to you that we're right with that wag; he called it correctly.

And now you can see what we mean, while you watch what few others have watched -- so far - for a full, fun filled seven minutes & more.

It's Bush watching Colbert. And boy, does this President look pissed off.

Talk about if looks could kill.

Watch and wonder what's going through the mind of the man from the White House.

But be warned -- we're offering no prizes for correct answers. Well, what do you think we are? Crazy?



Then please pass the popcorn. Bring it on, even.

Next, brace yourself.

And now, click the link below and let's all roll.

~ or ~

Btw, a big hat tip to regular reader Mark Abbott, for finding this fantastic footage for us.



Blogger markfromireland said...

Sigh - Iraqi police 'killed 14-year-old boy for being homosexual' I wish I could say i'm surprised by this but I'm amn't. Homophobia and homophobic attacks are the norm in a civil war. I don't know anything abut this boy or his family but I wouldn't be at all surprised if he had turned to prostitution to support his family. As far as I know Doug Ireland is the only person reguarly highlighting this issue. There's a day of action coming up. More at that link.

7:21 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kerist! Busch is one mean bad ass man. It's written all over his face. Colbert will need to watch his back - I mean it. What I saw scared me.

10:26 pm  
Blogger Richard said...


I'm wondering what's left to say. They've certainly Americanised Iraq, already. Americanised it as in the days of the old, lawlessness of the wild-bloody-west.

When will this maladministration be made accountable? And by whom? And how? And when?


Join the club. That's the face of a man who WOULD use nukes. And WILL if he thinks he can get away with it.

10:49 pm  
Anonymous Tom said...

mark from ireland, that is a poignant story for sure, specially because the article seem to confirm, that the boy had done paid prostitution, to help his family, which was probably starving.
I don't know if it's any consolation, but sadly he most likely wouldn't have looked forward toward a happy and full life anyway.

About the Colbert affair; After those sharp looks, if I were him, I would be very careful, to politely decline any invitation by the VP for yet another Texas quail hunting adventure.

11:08 pm  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

A lot of what I saw on the Bushling's face was what I call the "My Pet Goat look" that dominated his face when 9/11 struck. As if there is nothing penetrating, I think he had to ask buddy on his left what was going on several times. Dubya would never understand satire. He only appeared to anger once the "Whys" of Colbert's routine started. We tend to forget that the puppeteers (i.e. corporations) control his every move and once he's off his leash, no matter how briefly, we get that dazed, caught-in-the-headlights look. Brilliant footage. Colbert is a hero, please honour him at this website:

12:25 am  
Blogger St!ff M!ttens said...

Stephen's follow up to the correspondents dinner on his show "The Colbert Report" was pretty funny. He referred to the "respectful silence" the audience gave him during his speech.

BTW, did you know that you're listed as the featured blog on the Peter Daou's blog "The Daou Report" this week? Kudos to you.

6:08 am  
Blogger james said...

How dare ANYONE upset King George!!!

Colbert is/was BRILLIANT!!!!

5:59 pm  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

Colbert is great...truly wonderful...and brave...He and Ray McGovern get the Courage Medals for this week...BTW come back to Watergate Summer- yup your question was dead on...

10:20 pm  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

Richard- the Duke issue is over on Raw Story today...( about Goss- still looking for the Gannon Story)

10:42 pm  
Blogger Cassandra said...

I hadn't seen any real reaction footage until now. The media apparently stopped cutting to Bush for reaction shots after Colbert really got started, so you don't see much reaction in the videos with the whole presentation.

It appeared to me that Bush was putting on his "good sport" face until the "Why did you invade Iraq" question came up.

Thanks for the link.

4:27 am  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

Hmm, it appears that Gannongate is just warming up were right to have radar up on that..had the best time researching it today....turns out he might have had some OVERNIGHT visits to WH as well as other kidding...
I will try to post by Monday...connected to Fitz investigation also ...and Duke...It really might be the Gift that keeps on giving....

4:34 am  
Blogger Natalia said...

Stephen Colbert lights my fire...

5:19 am  
Blogger Edna Sweetlove said...

Didn't find this overly amusing, to be brutally frank (but then American "humor" just isn't Edna's bag, baby). OTOH, anything that gets that vile Bush-man's heckles up is real gerrrrrrrrd in my book, dears.

5:51 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Thanks again, all.

What with everything that's been happening lately, and for a change finding it's way onto the screen, I have to wonder why.

Are we really begining to see the begining of the end? Have the real [money] masters had enough? After all, they're the ones who really make the descisions - in spite of Dumbya's "decider" claims.

5:53 pm  
Anonymous Tom said...

Interesting questions Richard, and I'm sure a lot of people asking it.

The Iraqi invasion turned out to be an unmitigated disaster. If US/UK/Isr. just continue to muddle through, then we may have seen the practicable limitations of the neo-cons' agenda.

But, if they ignore that fiasco, and they will further venture into Iran, or they continue to provoke China and Russia in some serious way, then maybe there is something, more sinister going on, than a particularly agressive and inept administration's bungling in the World's stage.

7:18 pm  
Anonymous Mark Abbott said...


Glad you could use the link!

Tom's right -- those ARE good questions. My take at present is, if the maladministration's recent moves re: Iran haven't awakened the big money boys to BuschCo's downright insanity, nothing can. Hell, if WE can see the monstrous perils of attacking Iran (esp. for global trade, not to mention the Big Power prospects of Russia and China weighing in), so can the big money guys.

Unfortunately the biggest of the big boys now probably include most of the oil guys, and they've fixed things to make beaucoup money for themselves no matter what happens. (Here's where I part ways with Tom ...) Going forward with an attack on Iran could be brought about solely by the big oil barons' insistence, if they think they'll wind up richer and more powerful taking that route instead of muddling through with diplomacy.

Here's hoping there are some reality-based oil guys out there who can carry the day in their circles of influence.

9:54 pm  
Anonymous Griffon said...

Damn good question, Richard. It certainly looks like there are competing interests emerging out of the fiasco. When some notable is "outed", I always ask myself, "Who's toes did he step on?"

It's been suggested that the "old money" (which is mainly bankers and includes the oil co.s) has let the neo-cons run with the ball and will use them as the scapegoat if they screw up.

If the neo-cons are left in charge, then an attack on Iran is inevitable IMHO. The "old money" (which is centred around the banks) would see the benefit as squashing the Iranian Oil Bourse and with it the treat to their economic world hegemony. (see - )
The ensueing war would provide, one way or another, the opportunity to invoke martial law inside the US.

The danger for them is that the neo-cons would screw it up in their inimitable fashion. Worse, they would screw up the response to the inevitable counter attack from CHina and Russia. These two countries are under absolutely no illusions as to the nature and motives of the US leadership both old and new. Once the US is seen as going down, everyone else will join in one way or another. (see -

If the bankers have second thoughts about their military pre-emminence, then they will be tempted to withdraw from the global arena to secure their homebase and, preserve what they can and hunker down for the ensueing economic storm. The economic storm/depression could serve to be trouble for them, though, because it would provide fertile ground for the spread of some economic truths as to how they control everything and everybody through the ownership and control of the central bank i.e. the Federal Reserve. (They went close to overdoing it during the Great Depression and were only saved by The New Deal)
So, to preserve their privilege in this storm, they will look favourably on a military coup.

So I think that either way, the US can look forward to hard economic times and military law.

The bankers think differently from the neo-cons and their partners such as Cheney and Rumsfeld. The latter are used to thinking from within the Hegelian Dialectic of opposing forces, Capitalism/Socialism, Republican/Democrat, European/Asian. The bankers, on the other hand, are used to thinking outside this framework because they create these false dichotomies to confuse everybody else. They have a much longer view. They are generational, afterall.

The American banks and their corporations will go into decline along with their economy. They will suffer the fate of all parasites who, through hubris, think they own the host.
How much they realize this will determine what they do, in my opinion. And that is anybody's guess.

12:47 am  
Anonymous graniab said...

God where would be without Colbert - I religiously watch him every night!

12:20 am  

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