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24 April 2006

Young Brit Prince Harry: Put Me In The Firing Line Or I'll Eff Right Off ...

My, oh my. Doesn't time fly?

Can you believe there are 20 years separating these two photos of Prince Harry?

Personally, I can remember as though it were only yesterday, the time his later mother was a youngster like he is now.

And apparently Harry is as naive now as Diana was then.

In case you hadn't heard, young Harry's hankering after some action -- in Iraq. And what's more, he's amazing many as he simultaneously makes it clear that he's set to quit his - recently acquired [at considerable expense], Sandhurst bestowed - British Army officer's commission, should he not be sent to the front line.

Yep -- you read that right. He wants to wake up one fine day soon and find himself slap bang in the firing line.

As to whether or not he'll also stomp his well shod feet and succumb to some public show of sulking in addition to resigning, is not known at the time of writing.

But we two old codgers say it's a safe bet that the silly, spoiled-rotten little sod will. Talk about immaturity. Talk about self centeredness. Talk about me, me, me. Talk about couldn't care a cuss for the fate of close comrades. Talk about the typical out-of-touchness of some Royals. And remember that this [several times proven] thick headed prig is actually third in line to the British throne.

Oy, vey!

It seems this poor little rich kid's not considered for a fleeting moment, the kind of extra special strife that's sure to be showered over every single other soldier serving anywhere near him.

What a front line target, eh? What a terrific trophy. What a barmy Brit equivalent to Bush's 'Bring it on' balls-up. What a corker of a chance to churn up mad King George's 'crusade' cock-up all over again. What an awesome PR opportunity for every bad ass, extremist based anywhere at all in the middle east to figure out in no time flat. Or at the very least, far faster than the wannabe Windsorial hero, Harry. And what a chance for the 'baddies' to then go flat out - to take the right royal prat, right out. Along with God knows how many others he'd have metaphorically made, bloody big bullseyes of too.

Of course, we two wiley old wrinklies will willingly take bets - strictly of the cash money kind, of course - that this particular piece of princely wishfull thinking will never happen. Since some more sensible, Saville Row pin-striped suits and uber military uniforms - should soon be straightening said soldier-boy out. Good-style and in double quick time.

Cor blimey, Charlie! Can't you control your crazy kid?

Ever thought of taking him to one side and having a heart to heart? Or better still, a bloody good brain to brain?

What precisely does the young prince want to do on the frontline? Secure himself a scalp or two? Murder some Muslims, maybe?

And while you're at it Chaz , you could ask him if he's forgotten that when his doting late mother died [ though some still insist, she was assassinated ], she was quite possibly, actually in the arms of the Muslim man she loved -- and who in return loved her.

Oops ... !!!! Perhaps the prince has not forgotten.

Erm. Maybe at this point, we'd better button our lips for a bit -- while you read the piece from which this clip comes, via today's 'Mirror'.

24 April 2006


MoD: We won't put Prince Harry in the firing line

Prince: If I can't join my men in war zone I'll resign

By Rosa Prince,
Political Correspondent

PRINCE Harry was yesterday heading for a furious clash with Army chiefs after they snubbed his pleas to go to the frontline in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Top brass fear the young royal officer, 21, would become target No1 for al-Qaeda, endangering the lives of soldiers around him.

Troops from Harry's Household Cavalry regiment will head to the two war zones in the next few months.

But the fiery prince, who graduated from Sandhurst this month, has warned senior officers: "If I am not allowed to join my unit in a war zone, I will hand in my uniform."


Anonymous Griffon said...

As an Australian of Irish descent, (or perhaps just as a human being) I find the whole notion of "Royal Families" quite bizarre.

1:30 am  
Anonymous Tom said...

Well, there is more than one interpretation which can made, from his strong reaction to being denied dangerous duty.

The most positive one, is that as a junor officer, he internalized by his training, that it is his duty, to share both dangers and hardships with his men. In other word to lead them from the front, unlike senior or staff officers, who does that usually from behind, in a safe distance.

It is safe to say, that his young mind is not troubled, by the illegal nature of the war, or maybe he is not even aware, or care of the controversies.

I'm sure, the military command is facing a difficult dillema, at this point. Obviously both the young prince's abrupt resignation, or any serious phisical harm to him, would be detrimental to them.

On the other hand, it would be a marvellous PR coup, if the young Prince would 'pull a tour of duty' in Iraq, for recruiting purposes, but also for maintaining the myth, that all social classes are share the burden equally.

I bet, that when the dust settles, he will let go.

1:48 am  
Anonymous gordo said...


I have the same problem connecting to the concept of "royals." The closest thing we have to royalty is Julia Roberts.

But the USA is a funny country. Imagine a place where Jesus Christ is more popular than the Beatles.

As for the Prince, the point Brit makes is the same I make when my liberal friends say they want to send Jenna and Barbara to Iraq. What good could come of it?

Does anyone want the president or prime minister making decisions on the conduct of the war while one of these is crying on a videotape with a knife at their throats? Does it make sense to invite such a scenario?

3:22 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ouch! That's something I would never, ever have thought of Old Brit.

About Princess Diana and Dodi al Fahyed(s?), I mean. But then I got to thinking -- if Diana had lived and then had children, they would have been half brothers to Princes William and Harry, second & third in line to the throne. Hmm.

Suppose you could say Harry's mother's accident was a blessing in disguise for 'some' folk.

No prospect now of any future, promblematic Muslim pretenders to the throne. Hmm.

10:04 am  
Anonymous Griffon said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, Richard, but my understatnding of such things is that any subsequent children to Diana whose father wasn't Charles' would not be anywhere in the lime of succession to the throne.

They would be a PR problem, though.
The bigger problem that Diane posed for "some" people, though, was economic. Her success in the anti landmine campaign must have been a real worry to the establishment that also controls such companies as Vickers Plc. It could have spread to other armaments.

It seems that serious anti-war leaders have short lives. It's like the underlying war is about war itself; between the warmongers/profiteers and the non-violent resisters/peace campaigners.

10:30 am  
Anonymous kiwi said...

Maybe the whole thing is a big PR stunt. Maybe he knew he'd never be allowed on the frontline, but reckoned he'd look and sound like a great guy by playing the part.

From what I've seen, some of the younger [know nothing] conservative bloggers are buying into that. Lining up to buy it in fact. Of course most of them lead comic-book & video-game fantasy lives, so they lap up that kind of imagined 'brave young warrior' stuff.

7:58 pm  
Blogger Gert said...

Two words: "stupid twat".

Therein lies the problem with monarchy, even in the modern sense, if they feel they can start behaving the way they see fit, not in the way that's in the interest of the country. This kind of past behaviour is exactly why power was taken away from them.

Long live the Republic!

7:59 pm  
Blogger markfromireland said...

On Topic: I completely concur with gert. Up the Republic! as Minnie Powell would say.

Off Topic: Richard thanks for dropping over. You're bang on about the 15 year old girl from Alabama who runs peacetakescourage she's very talented and very brave and she's being getting death threats

9:24 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:03 pm  
Blogger Richard said...


As an Englishman of Irish/Scottish descent [call me Celtic] it's not much less bizarre from where I am.


As is usual, ther IS more than one way to read all this, but I bet we're right that when the dust settles, he'll see some sense.


Can you read my mind? Heh.


While Diana's death without doubt was convenient for many 'parties' -- I honestly still sit on the fence on this one -- even after all this time.

Griffon again,

No need to correct you on anything you've said. She also had so much more to say and do -- she said so, shortly before the accident.


Hmm. I had a similar slinking suspicion. A win/win thingee, eh?


You'r showing me up, eh? What I take dozens of words to say -- you say in two. Both well chosen, btw. But I did have to get a full piece out of it remember.


You're welcome. I read about those threats & other vile remarks. Ugh! Makes one shudder just to think about such shits.


Duh! Don't do me 'ead in, dickhead.

11:40 pm  
Anonymous bluey said...

I've already read some of those blogs where they're calling this kid all kinds of hero.

Jeeze. What a wanker he's already turning out to be. What kind of soldier STARTS OFF his service by telling the brass that he'll tell them to stuff any orders he doesn't fancy obeying? And what kind of officer says he'll take his ball home if he can't play his own game, in his own way?

I say again ~ what a wanker.

12:26 am  
Anonymous Tom said...

For me the issue is not, that he wants to go with his men, facing danger.
IMO, it is actually commendable, that he demands no exception for himself. This is BTW, the credo of junior military officers worldwide and not a particularly British phenomena. Ie. Officers of junior ranks, supposed to be inseparable in danger, from their underlings and share their hardship as well.

The issue to me of course, is the mission itself, which doesn't accomplish anything positive. Indeed it is better at stoking anti-Western hatred and resistance, than to quell it. His decision also has a tremendous propaganda value, on other impressionable youth, who might be lost later on.

It is safe to say that the Prince, is not at the pinnacle of his maturity yet. I do not think, he pondered over his mission of occupation, or its wider implications. Maybe he sees it as a sort of adventure, just like a lot of young men before him, who filled the ranks of conquering armies of past periods. That is, what I find objectionable.

I stick my neck out, but I bet, that if he continue to insist, he will be allowed to serve in Iraq, not least because the above mentioned propaganda effect, on an otherwise hugely unpopular war.

I don't envy, the senior field command in Iraq though, for the added responsibilities derived from the Presence of a Royal member in the theater.

The Prince will be discreetly guarded and treasured, like a Royal Faberge Egg, while also trying to maintain the facade, that he discharges his duties, (incl. dangerous ones), like everyone else, so the Prince fledgling warrior ego can be maintained.

The senior command will be left liable, if any deviation occurs from this carefully balanced script.

5:25 pm  
Anonymous graniab said...

This strikes me as a PR coup. Brave Harry ready to fight etc., Obviously I don't know what kind of an officer he is (one can only imagine) but if there was a chance he would put the lives of his men in danger there's always 'fragging'.

Of course the alternate is we may be getting set up for a scenario where he is tossed out of the army aka resigning commission for failing a random drug test. However, the bottom line it this kind of a story about Brave Harry does sell newspapers.

10:12 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1:25 am  
Blogger Natalia said...

Ok, the kid is clearly a moron.

He's completely out of touch with life. He probably thinks that war, especially this dirty, illegal war, is a glorious enterprise, not to mention a huge chance to show off.

This would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic. First he's drunkenly snogging models and making light of the Holocaust, now he wants to be a war-hero. Somebody smack him.

At least William appears slightly more grounded.

1:37 am  
Blogger Natalia said...

Though at the same time, I can understand how somebody who's already committed to a unit, the idea of special treatment is downright embarrassing.

(Yeah, I went off and thought about this one).

3:23 am  
Anonymous Griffon said...

"And by their fruits ye shall know them"

6:03 am  
Blogger markfromireland said...

"Somebody smack him."

Baaaaaaaaaaad idea Natalia anyone who thinks it's funny to dress up as a brownshirt would probably get a kick out of being spanked.


6:15 am  
Anonymous Tom said...

There is also a psychological aspect to this story, which makes me symphatetic on the human level to this young man. We of course, will never know for sure, what it is like, to grow up as a Prince.
Ie. an overwhelmingly privileged member of the upper crust of a society. What are the self-actualisation challenges for a young man in such circumstances, if he is constantly treated, like he was an ornamental doll for ceremonial duties?

Probably the first instinct is to rebel against it, to stir up some controversy to draw attention to himself and in an indirect way to the problem he has. I think, this was partly behind his dressup as a Nazi officer with swastika armband and all that. He knew it was politically very incorrect and it was going to be a terrible PR disaster, but he went for it, for the purpose of challenging the boundaries within which he lives and definitely not because he were, seriously considered and supported Nazi dogma.

This latest example, where he takes a stand, he basically calls the bluff on Royal pretensions again: By his action he is saying: I have spent the last few years in my life, to be trained as an Army officer, in the best Military Academy the Realm has to offer. Am I really one? Am I allowed to be one? Am I allowed to prove myself?
If not, hell with this theater and role playing!

Yes, I can sense a certain searching for true identity, even a crisis of identity.

4:39 pm  
Blogger Natalia said...

Mark has a point... ;)

8:18 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Phew! The common sense comments, opinions, interprations, varied views et all have kept on coming.

And unlike some places & things I've been seeing lately around the blogosphere, absolutely no nonesense nor offense incoming.

The very rare raving [always damn rappidly deleted] nutter notwithstanding.

Again, thanks a bunch from This Old Brit. Who, btw, has picked up on Griffon's Chris Floyd heads -up. And, expanded on it a bit. To the extent of surprising some - quite a lot - I'd venture to say.

See what you think. Then say what you want. I'm sure the many, many more readers we have than commentors, will be as interested as ever in seeing/hearing/learning.

1:58 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's all been set up. He'll never go to the frontline. But by getting his 2 pennyworh in first, him & the royal family have a ready made answer if and when they're accused of getting special treatment.

It's a perfect example of reverse psychology.

2:23 am  
Blogger Edna Sweetlove said...

The entire mongol family can be exchanged for hostages quick smart, for all Edna cares, dears. The live webcast of the beheadings might be one of the most seen and talked about in Internet history (or at the very least one of the online events of the year) and would certainly revive flagging public interest in the Royals! Mmm, I can almost smell the money to be made from this idea!

6:18 pm  
Anonymous videogame fonts said...

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10:17 pm  
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