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28 March 2006

Condoleeza Rice And Jack Straw Visiting This Old Brit's Hometown On Friday...

This Friday, 31st March 2006, should live in all decent, Liverpudlian scouser's memories for many years yet to come -- as a date they'd rather never be reminded of.

And before we go any further, we'd like to make it perfectly plain than no apologies for any amount of spelling errors which may be found in today's post, will be forthcoming. The fact is that the most glaringly obvious ones at least, are entirely intentional.

Now to today's local and national level news of two spews in the news.

Our lovely home city of Liverpool is set to be landed with what's possibly one of the most pathetic pair of pathological lying prats, imaginable. In our old eyes, at any rate.

Thanks to Tony-the liar-Blair's fanatically faithful follower, Jack-the whore-Straw -- his mad 'Murhkan mate Condom-eater Rice and his sold-out, two faced self are forcing themselves on our fair city, on Friday.

And oooh, woe! Woe, be we.

Wait a minute -- why should we suddenly break the habit of a lifetime by becoming mild mannered now? Understatements are NOT us -- and never have been -- as regular readers already realise.

So please now read our previously pronounced 'woe' -- as a great big, WWXX sized double 'woe' -- at the very least.

Seriously though, we truly do have to wonder what the hell it is these twin-twits hope to find here on Merseyside. A warm welcome? Well, we'll just have to wait and see, eh?

Since from what's already seeped out via MSM, things are certainly not going entirely to plan.

Aaawrh! What a pity, eh?

Yeah, and we don't think.

Right. Rambling preamble ends rather abruptly, right here.

Now, read on -- and revel in the level of the 'Kiss my ass, Condi' sentiment so far sent out by some of our sweet city's sincerest celebrities.

When we natives of these parts say something about " .... not even if you paid me ..." -- we really mean it. And you'd better believe it, baby -- for you're about to find out

So be sure to say thanks to
BLAIRWATCH as you head over there for the full Monty, low down on Condi and her equally cretinous compatriot's fast approaching arrival, right here in Liverpool.

Ironically, the wicked witch of the west is set to land at the airport named in honour of that great anti-war, home born son of our fair city, and later adopted son of the US. We speak of course of the late ( and great), John Lennon.


Blogger enigma4ever said...

Oh, I just LOVE Being FIRST.....
So, I wanted to let you know I included you in Watergate Summer's Blog Round Up....
( may it flood your site with some good folks)

My apologies for Condi's stilleto heels marching your way....should I sent Maalox ?

11:37 pm  
Blogger Elaine Supkis said...

Hope you feel better, Richard.

Just have the airport play "DON'T Imagine" when those two war criminals show up!

12:08 am  
Anonymous graniab said...

My heart is scalded at the thought of THAT PAIR polluting your fair City - bring on a shower of toads!

1:05 am  
Anonymous Mark Abbott said...

Toads and tomatoes for the Two Twits!

[ / riffing on the Old Brit's specialty]

My condolences, Richard and all other Scousers ... hope you can give them the welcome they deserve.

2:31 am  
Anonymous Mark Abbott said...

uh, that's supposed to be a slash just within the first square bracket

2:32 am  
Anonymous Rosemary said...

Hi, Richard!

Looking forward to getting a straight report on this *Imperial* visit to your home area - a report from a couple of natives' perspective.....

Also interested in any more you can say in general about General Strikes. Those are virtually unknown in our country, at least within the memory of anyone now alive. We need a better understanding. :)

btw - we all love you and need your wisdom and friendship. Don't you forget that!

6:42 am  
Blogger markfromireland said...

It'd be a great time to demonstrate empirically using that pair as subjects that the scouser proverb about being slapped across the face with a haddock is just as nasty as it sounds.

7:58 am  
Anonymous kiwi said...

Give 'em something to remember you by -- like a great rendition by 'the Kop choir' -- but pick an apt song & tune to sing to 'em. That way, the cops can't do anything about it either - can they? Surely they've not [yet] made it a crime to sing - have they.

Hey, Imagine you all singing "Imagine" - or maybe better still "Give Peace A Chance"


2:16 pm  
Blogger Richard said...


Thanks for the cite on your blogroll, it's appreciated. So is the offer of some Maalox - heh - but you won't need to as I'm already on Losec [Omeprazole] permanently - heh.


Better than I was, thanks. Still not 100% but I'm getting there. I would really love to be able to get to see that pair of bums tomorrow - if I feel up to it by then. And congrats on your lovely new cite, annivesary & all.

Graniab, kiwi, Mark & Mark,

If you send the stuff, I'll sling it if I get there. Heh, even if I don't I'm sure there'll be no shortage of volunteers.

And kiwi, I think a big crowd all peacefully singing "Give Peace A Chance" would be a marvelous idea. Especially since it seems they will have plenty of international TV crews, etc, in tow.


One way or another I'll get some good reports - either 1st hand or from some local yokels. As for the great General Strike - I'm not THAT old - heh. I do remember my dad talking about it often, though. He was a docker/stevedore/longshoreman[?] -- more like slave, really. He hated Churchill with a vengence for sending in the troops to strike break - with fixed bayonets.

Other than knowing that it really did bring great hardship & misery on a massive scale, I couldn't tell you much more. I'm sure there's plenty on the net, though.

11:05 pm  
Anonymous graniab said...

Re General Strike - I seem to remember a very good episode re same on Upstairs and Downstairs with Capt. James and his upper class twit friends driving buses and having a 'grand old time'. It really stuck in my head!

11:35 pm  
Blogger markfromireland said...

Gorillic Health Warning!

Ensure oral cavity is empty before clicking this link.

7:59 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heard the latest? They've had to cancell her visit to a Mosque in Blackburn - Straw's own constituency.

Security fears. Ha. That's rich. Why are so many of "us" surprised - and why are so many of "them" surprised?

12:27 pm  
Blogger markfromireland said...

"Make these the biggest anti-war demonstrations Liverpool, Blackburn and the North West has ever seen. George Bush's No 2 is coming to town. Take resolutions to your trade unions asking for support, write letters to the local papers. Get onto all possible radio phone-ins. Send this information to all your email contacts and phone your friends and contacts. To paraphrase a famous Liverpudlian, imagine all the people saying NO to Condi the warmonger"

Taken from includes maps of how to get there.

7:54 pm  
Anonymous graniab said...

Good for all you Brits - it hurts when Condi has to leave bubble!

9:06 pm  
Blogger Richard said...


That pic/post of yours is a hoot - a picture no artist could paint - except Steve Bell, of course. Thanks a lot for that, and for the extra info on Condi Watch. What a witch she is, eh? And what a w*nker Straw is.


I'm so glad to hear that he's now had to cancell that Mosque visit, in his OWN constituency od all places. Good on the protestors for not l;aying down to be walked all over by the bums.


If I do manage to make it to Cathedral and/or Philharmonic Hall, I'll be sure to pass on your 'sincerest greetings' too. Heh.

10:48 pm  
Blogger Natalia said...

I'll never get over the way Condie acted immediately after Hurricane Katrina hit.

6:18 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll be there......

Updated news from .

Friday, March 31
Blackburn / Liverpool - security tightens up for war criminals visit

Sky News reports "Roads in and around both cities will be closed for security reasons during the visit."

Reuters reports Assistant Chief Constable Patricia Gallan, of Merseyside Police, said officers would deal "swiftly" with protesters who break the law.

She said:
"We fully recognise the democratic right of every individual to demonstrate peacefully.

"We need to ensure that public safety is maintained at all times, and therefore trained officers will be on hand to deal swiftly with anyone who breaks the law and puts public safety at risk.

"Local people should be reassured that we are aiming to keep disruption to a minimum and to ensure that everyone involved is able to enjoy this high profile visit in a peaceful and safe way."

Looks like Section 59 of the Terrism Act is going to be in for some heavy use in the next 48 hours.

Condi and her beau slip in the back entrance

BBC Radio are reporting that Condileezza Rice and her beau for the weekend handsome, slim, debonair, man about town, Jack Straw used the back entrance this morning. Visiting Plackgate School they avoided the massive demonstration of banner waving children, parents and Anti War protesters by slipping in quietly.

At the school visited by Rice and Straw, about 200 protesters stood across the street with banners and signs, chanting "Condi Rice Go Home!" One demonstrator held a yellow hand-lettered sign that read "How Many Lives Per Gallon?" reports the Lexington Herald Leader. and details the Opponents of the Iraq war Web site,
, that listed times and locations for marches and gatherings. Protesters planned to distribute T-shirts that read, "Fab Four, Not War," in reference to Liverpool's most famous export, The Beatles.

The Jerusalem Post report Rice was greeted by protesters carrying anti-war banners, along with cries of 'war criminal' and 'human rights abuser' as she joined British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw on a tour of northern England on Friday.

Meanwhile the Daily Mail reports she is off to BAE Systems at Warton, Nr Blackburn Lancs, where the Eurofighter Typhoon jet is built (never far from war our gal) - and will allegedly discuss the joint JSF Stike Fighter alternate engine to be built by Rolls Royce for which US$2.7Bn. funding was withdrawn from next year's military budget.

Under the heading (syndicated in many other papers)" Rice Gets the Cold Shoulder in Britain" the British Columbia , Canada Hinewburg Journal reports the AP story ...which says ...
"LIVERPOOL, England - Demonstrators organized marches to call Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice a war criminal and human rights abuser as she joined British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw on a tour of his adopted northern England working-class home."


NELSON solicitor and Euro MP Sajjad Karim today told US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice not to visit the area this weekend unless she apologised for the war in Iraq and for the prisoners being held in Guantanamo Bay, dismissed the visit as a "shameless publicity stunt."

Mr Karim said: "I think it is wholly inappropriate for Jack Straw to be organising a series of events for Ms Rice designed to do nothing more than provide the world's press with a photo opportunity.

"While Mr Straw and Ms Rice are being entertained to a series of gala events and lavish dining, I doubt the British forces serving in Basra, the innocent Iraqis caught up in the turmoil in their own country or the detainees at Guantanamo Bay will be celebrating her visit in such style."

Mr Karim, who grew up in Brierfield, admitted high profile state visits were normally good at boosting the tourism and local economy of the region.

However, he blamed Ms Rice for the instability in Iraq and for Guantanamo Bay's Camp X-ray, in Cuba, where hundreds of people suspected of terrorism are held without charge.

"Condoleezza Rice is directly responsible for what has happened at Guantanamo Bay, where people are being held against international law, and the extraordinary rendition of innocent people by the CIA.

"Unless Ms Rice is planning on using this trip to apologise for the war in Iraq or to announce the release of the detainees in Guantanamo Bay, she may as well stay at home so far as I am concerned."

7:00pm Thursday 30th March 2006 Lancs Evening Post

Well said Mr Karim - no use him expecting ennoblement then.

1:36 pm  
Anonymous harper said...

Richard, I hope you're feeling better. Hope the stench in your town today doesn't overwhelm you though.

3:59 pm  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

I am watching the Cspan Straw Rice event right now-
( she keeps talking about"liberal democracy" which is odd because "liberal" is considered a dirty word here now??)She seems jittery- nervous..rattled...hmm

Anyways= thanks to Anony, for all the wonderful updates above that we will never get here in the States...

8:24 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Anonymous, what a great link. That Postman Patel is SOME blogger. Thanks a lot for the 'introduction'.

And thanks [as usual] for your valued contributions/comments too, everyone else.

Harper, I'm 'getting there'. I wasn't up to going into town though, unfortunately.

11:04 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

25 Liverpool protest photos here, from the BBC.

11:31 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:56 pm  
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