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06 April 2006

Condoleeza Rice, Jack Straw, George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Iraq, Elsewhere, Freedom, Democracy And My Mate Mark From Ireland ...

What a wonderful pair of warm hearted human beings Mizz Condoleeza Rice and The Right Honorable Mister Jack Straw are, eh?

Bravely battling to bring freedom and democracy aplenty to the all the poor people -- in places like Iraq -- whether the people asked for [ or even ever wondered about, let alone wanted], Geo W's particular perverted brands, or not.

Why, these two [contemptible crappy] Counterfeit-Christians are almost as devotedly devout and uncompromisingly committed to carrying out God's good works as their mad King George is.

Well, wouldn't you say so too? Since, as is always the case with such cowardly crooks as themselves, what they 'say' is definitely not what anyone 'gets': never - not ever.

Actually, as shown so spectacularly simply, by the shocking centre photo above, what we 'see' there is what we 'get' -- or rather, what the allegedly 'liberated' get. Moreover, the monsters who've made their lives [and deaths] so manifestly miserable, make matters much worse by rubbing salt in their victims' open wounds. They tell them they should show some appreciation. They dare to demand gratitude, even. They are so, so sick.

Almost makes one want to puff up one's chest and jut out one's chin with pride, doesn't it ?

Okay, maybe making mirth out of misery might make many, more than a mite offended, so the sarcasm stops here. But please believe that any & all of This Old Brit's & Richard's desert-dry and sometimes snide asides, are without exception genuinely & sincerely well intended -- and each of us hope with all our heart that over the last year this has become perfectly plain to people who regularly read and post here.

( For which, incidentally, we are so genuinely grateful and immensely indebted.)

But onward, ever onward.

One such regular, runs two remarkable blogs of his own. And you'd better believe he knows exactly what he's talking out, on all matters middle East, from first hand experience -- as both a military man and a professional peacekeeper. Also note that we don't just mean about Iraq either. Not by a long chalk.

So we [so-called] seniors will shut up for a while now, so you can see for yourself -- but before we do bugger off, may we strongly suggest that when you're done reading these highly recommended blogs, you stash both said site links safely away -- say, in the form of 'favourites' and/or 'bookmarks'.

Right, then. Now to the nitty-gritty bits.

Here's his first blog link -- which, while we wouldn't want in any way to offend him, we'll liken this one to the author/editor's 'tabloid-type' title.

And here's his second:
Mark from Ireland, which, because it's quite simply his long time online monicker, we're certain you'll recognise right away. This one, by the way, is much more of a 'broadsheet' - blog wise.

Please look carefully through them both at your leisure -- and learn.

Finally, as per usual we'd ask that any appreciation for our friend's fantastic fortitude is made known to him at his site[s] -- for he's certainly suffered more than his fair share of personal problems & misfortunes, of late -- yet still, he tirelessly sticks to his self appointed task[s].

As truthtellers go, Mark's a mountain of a man: a tower of strength.

There -- now we old pair have said it -- will you?


Anonymous graniab said...

Richard this Condi and Jack Road Show is just pathetic!

6:18 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post, great links and great [middle] picture. I wonder what and where that one reminds me of .... um? Maybe it will stir something in the minds of others who are still fooling themselves .. in the US and the UK.

7:46 pm  
Anonymous Griffon said...

Well said, Richard

10:45 pm  
Anonymous graniab said...

BTW Richard nice tribute to Mark - I, for one, have learned alot from his website. Perhaps some T-shirts and bumper stickers are in order . . . What would MFI do? (In the loony US we have stickers of "What Would Jesus Do" etc. if you catch my drift)

Of course - here in the US your website gives us hope of some sanity still remaining in the UK. Thanks for all the hard work you put in to keep all your fans satisfied!

12:26 am  
Anonymous Rosemary said...

Thank you, Richard. Discovering this other side of Mark just made my day!

4:15 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

That pair would be funny if the weren't so scary.

BTW, I looked at those (Mark)sites - you're right - he's a good guy.

4:27 pm  
Blogger markfromireland said...

Richard, - thankyou. You're right about the "tabloid/broadsheet" split by the way. When I decided to take this on that was exactly what I had in mind. So you'r either a mindreader or those genes you got from "old mother Riley" means we think alike. :-)

Note to your American readers. You may find the video I posted of US marines under fire distressing - been there done that have the tee shirt. Don't even think of telling me I shouldn't have posted it.

It's long past time you realised what they have to go through and stated campaigning actively to get them out of there. Permanently.


6:44 pm  
Blogger Gert said...


Looks like the blogspammer I commented about a little while back, has had his come-uppance: his hate blog has been taken down, the URL doesn't exist anymore.

Let it be a lesson to all those who feel the urge to go and carpet bomb another blogger with comment spam: Blogger is watching you!

I'll be switching my comment moderation off "soon"...

8:24 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Narh .... thank YOU all. Each of you do what you can, in each of your own ways. What more can anyone ask? What more can anyone offer?

Pssst, Mark.
*So you'r either a mindreader or those genes you got from "old mother Riley" means we think alike. :-)*

Maybe a bitta both, eh? Heh. But I'd mainly claim 'kindred spirit'.

And Gert,
Glad to hear about your stalking spammer's untimely end. And you said you dodn't believe in father Xmas, eh? Heh.

Incidentally, talking of spammers -- can you belieeeeeve my latest post? Huh, 'world wide web' is certainly an apt description where some are concerned. And they aways think they're soooo much smarter than the likes of old 'thee & me'.

10:51 pm  

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