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01 May 2006

Iraq And Afghanistan: More Bush Lies Laid Bare ...

Almost three full years have passed since the pompous poseur pictured left prattled his pithy platitudes, from the podium beneath the big banner proudly proclaiming 'Mission Accomplished'.

And strange as it may seem, several million misled Americans swiftly swallowed his so obviously no brainer, bullshit story. Moreover - swallowed it - hilarious hook, laughable line and simpletons' sinker. Sadly, some barmy Brits and silly others did the same.

But Bush believed then as he still does today, that old Mr Barnum had been bang on the button - about suckers being born by the minute.

However, millions more, both at home in the US and also across the entire globe, straight away saw through the snake-oil-salesman-in-chief's load of lies. And since then, several hundred millions more of our planet's people have realised how woefully wrong both Bush and themselves were. But Bush, of course, knew better from the begining, that 99% of what he spouted was sheer unadulterated shit.

Prior to the pathetic
pantomime played out on the deck of America's awesome aircraft carrier, USS Abraham Lincoln, the world-stage-struck principle boy had also acclaimed his complete and unequivocal conquest of Afghanistan.

And it's actually today's latest media announcements in Britain, about far off and almost forgotten Afghanistan, that has brought about today's 'This Old Brit' blog post.

By the way, does anyone remember Afghanistan? Well, Afghanistan's agonies are unabated. Moreover, there's rather reliable evidence they've even experienced exacerbation.

Today, nearly three full years after hearing Bush's brazenly barefaced, pack of bloody all-aboard lies,
we're told the following about the British Army, by the BBC. And by many, many other impeccable sources; go google to see for yourself.

UK troops take over Afghan duties

Commanders say they will make a difference to ordinary Afghans

A contingent of British forces has taken over security duties in one of the most dangerous Afghan provinces.

The soldiers have replaced US forces in the Taliban-dominated southern province of Helmand, as part of an expansion of peacekeeping operations by Nato.

Hundreds of British troops are already in Helmand and the full complement will eventually number more than 3,000.

The handover comes as US-led coalition forces said they had killed "15-20 enemy fighters" in Helmand on Saturday.

Control was transferred in a ceremony at a base in the province capital, Lashkar Gah, where a union flag replaced the US flag flying over the site.

Does that,and the rest of this report sound to you as though things have been sorted over there? Even after all this time?

And as for Iraq.

Well, what we'd like you to do, even if only for today, is to forget Faux Fox News for now, and see for yourself something of what's really happening in Iraq -- on a daily blood-bathed basis -- via the excellent 'Today In Iraq' web site.

'Mission accomplished' Mr Selectedent?

Don't make us laugh, mate.

What sodding mission?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Declare another US victory then eff off - so what's new?

8:57 pm  
Anonymous Tom said...

Right on the money, Richard. The poseur-in-charge, might have convinced some gullible soul out there at the time.

However, he didn't manage to convince the Iraqi Resistance, that the mission was really accomplished. They have just started to gathering their forces at the time.

As a result of their armed opposition, (unforseen by Bush), we now know better, if the mission had been accomplished, or not.

If this story would have been, the famous Andersen tale, an innocent undoctrinated boy would've already cried out from the crowd: "The emperor wears no clothes!" resulting Bush to leave the stage in a hurry amongst laughter and ridicule, while covering his shame.

10:04 pm  
Anonymous me said...

The world's super-power?

Two tiny nations without a real army, airforce or navy ..... between them?


You are right on the money Richard. Especially when you say "Don't make me laugh."

12:26 am  
Anonymous Mark Abbott said...


It's been THREE years since Bush's May 1, 2003 "Mission Accomplished" moment on the aircraft carrier.

Which only makes your argument all the stronger! A trinity of years and this C-plus Augustus still hasn't done anything but make the situation all the worse.

Also, the link to the "Today in Iraq" website seems to be broken -- all I get is a "404 - error" report.

2:45 am  
Blogger Richard said...

Duh! Thanks a million, Mark A. I'm dropping on my feet - can't keep my eyes open - it's 3 am here.

Alterations accomplished though, hopefully. Added extra year and fixed Today In Iraq link.

Check out Tapa breaking news & Iran threads. Reason I'm up so late should become plain - if you remember my brother?

Really have to hit the hay now, but thanks again. You pro editors are all the same -- heh --invaluable! G'night Mark A.

(For other readers, this friend Mark is NOT markfronireland.)

3:09 am  
Anonymous Tom said...

Thanks for your correction, mark abbott.
For your understanding, after a certain age, a man is not always keen, to measure the passage of time, with too much of a precision.

I do not know, if Richard falls into that category, but some radical senior citizens, are even counting the years backward, after reaching a preconceived number.

4:41 am  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

Someone, can't remember who, sorry, referred to that whole "Mission Accomplished" debacle (and oh, Richard, I loved all your alliteration, well done mate)as "Operation Codpiece." A cod in every sense of the word.

4:58 am  
Anonymous Griffon said...

Bolivia nationalizes gas fields.*

I think the wheels are starting to fall of this empire.
To echo Tom above, I can't help but wonder if China has been going around whispering "The emperor has no clothes". Ever since Mao, China has regarded the US as a toothless tiger.

The "roar" is not working like it used to. The US must now see it's options as either bite bigtime or slink off and time's running out fast.

The trouble with telling lies is that you destroy you own credibility after a while.

10:03 am  
Blogger Richard said...

As usual, everyone's contibution is most warmly welcomed. Even the one's referencing 'radical seniors' -- although personaly I prefer 'senior radical,' heh.

Link looks interesting, griffon. I'll look a little later. ta!

And talking of links, here's one at Current Era reminding us all of the 'Mission Accomplished' crap spouted at the time by the Prince of Darkness, Richard Perle. Prepare to puke when you read it - he should choke on his lies.

4:59 pm  
Blogger Gert said...

The US don't give jack-shit about Afghanistan. Only when the Soviets were there did this country "matter".

So they assisted al-Qaeda to the tune of $6 Bn and the Soviets got thrown out.

Then they went after al-Qaeda, after 9/11.

The US has no interest in rebuilding Afghanistan: too far away, too many mud huts, too few photo-ops... Leave it to the lapdogs from the Blighted Kingdom, they're not so picky.

We play with entire peoples' existences, in the name of "National Security" , "War on Terror"... Ah, the "Axis of Stupidity".

10:05 pm  
Anonymous bluey said...

I'll tell you all something -- there had better be a hell - where the likes of Bush, Blair, Perle and their ilk are concerned.

Think of all those innocents ready to go to sleep now -- for the last time in their - thanks to these mission accomplished scumbags

1:06 am  
Anonymous Tom said...

Gert, I agree, almost everything what you say, particularly the futility and even the counterproductive nature of this mission from hell.

There is one statement, where you are a bit too exclusive. You say, (refering to Afghanistan) leave it to the Blighted Kingdom, etc.

Unfortunatelly the Canadians has been involved now too. I think, their contingent is 2200 strong. They are assigned into the toughest Pushtun populated South and as a result, they are taking frequent losses. (So, the Brits will be their neighbours).

With the Canadians a 1400 strong Dutch force has arrived there too, after long haggling. One of their precondition was, that they were not going to go alone. If Canada would've cancelled the commitment, so they would had too. At the end they have joined the Canadians with some reluctance.

So, this bloody occupation is not popular anywhere and I don't think it serves the interest of an average person to continue on garrisoning far-away foreign lands, like that.

1:14 am  
Blogger Gert said...

Well, Tom, live and learn, eh?

3:47 pm  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

Thank you for blogging on this day....WH posted nothing on the anniversary - but sent out a Flyer calling it National Loyalty Day ( no joke- it is on their damn website...) I have been away nursing a friend but I will lurk here for a bit- thanks for your conitued blogging on our Criminal Regime...many hugs from this side of the friggin lake...enigma

( updating blog tonight- after I get all caught up)

7:57 am  
Anonymous gordo said...


Loyalty Day? WTF is wrong with these people? What's next, Ingsoc Day? Lobotomy Day?

9:31 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Gert, bluey and Tom.

Spot on. On all counts, I'd say.


Good to see you back. Hugs straight back atchya.


Good question. And loyalty to what? Loyalty to a load of lies? Me old brain boggles. Truly, it does.

11:01 pm  
Anonymous Payday Loans said...

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6:32 am  

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