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27 November 2005

Thank You : Fifty Thousand Times ...

In the immortal words of whoever it was or whoever they were who used to say so: And now for something completely different.

After having to be greeted by This Old Brit's mugshot atop the blog each time you visit, we thought it was time that the other half of the act got a look in.

So, thanks to the modern miracle of that new fangled, digital photography palava thingee, here in brilliant technicolour we proudly present for your personal perusal, the [ wannabe] celebrated reprobate, Richard. As seen sunning himself [above] on his summer holiday whilst sat slowly sipping tumblers of sweet, strong Turkish tea.

Phew, it's all go, ain't it?

'Cos that stuff certainly won't shift itself y'know, so somebody's got to do it.

"Oh, yeah?" I imagine I hear you intone, " Why?"

Because around here I happen to be a head honcho - [ when me missus ain't around] - that's why.

Right! Now then.

Go on, grab a good look. Then get it of your chest and out of your system. Hoot, holler, snigger, giggle, guffaw, whatever.

Then cut the cackle; jack in the jokes; wind up the wisecracks, stick a sock in it and stop the sarcasm -- since now there's something serious This Old Brit and I should say.

Just six months ago [and a bit] our Old Brit blog was born; brought into this wide-web-world with the help and often hindrance of the aforementioned [and occasionally, allegedly demented] dynamic duo . Some say super heroes. But sheesh -- some are sometimes as silly as ourselves.

But to get back to the business of bringing about the amazing announcement that actually brought us here today, to bang out this special Saturday edition.

Still with us? Well what are you waiting for? Don't just sit there. Read on.

[ Incidentally, do you ever try rapidly reciting and/or repeating any particular portions of whatever's written here -- with your mouth full -- or when you're not exactly sober? Eh? ]

Sometime yesterday, our site stats' alert alarm, unexpectedly activated all alone -- spontaneously even, one might say. And what follows is the super-surprising, reason why.

This Old Brit's blog has recently reached a marvelous milestone -- in our own opinion at any rate.

Less than 24 hours ago we welcomed our ~~ 50,000 th visitor!

Yep, really!

That's neither a typo nor a misprint ~~ FIFTY THOUSAND VISITORS ~ have managed, one way or another, to beat a path to this place.

And lets make no bones about it, this particular pair of old codgers are damned proud to be in the position to be able to publicly proclaim so. Comprendo ?

But we could NOT have done this without YOU -- our regular readers and poster-commenters.

Nor without the confidence and unsolicited support of the 34 websites who have, over the past six months, chosen to link to us.

So thank you all sincerely ~ fifty thousand times ~ and hip-hip-hooray ~ who'd have thunk it, eh?

Finally, as faithfully promised a while back, here's the official list of the lands of our visitors.

Admittedly, not arranged alphabetically -- but wadaya expect, ex gratis?

** America - coast to coast - including Alaska and Hawaii.
United Kindgom - including England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Republic of Ireland (Eire). Canada. Mexico. Seychelles. Brazil. Costa Rica. British Virgin Islands. US Virgin Islands. Colombia. Venezuela. Argentina. Antigua & Barbuda. Jamaica.

Uruguay. Chile. Peru. Iceland. Sweden. Denmark. Norway. Finland. Lithuania. Estonia. France. Germany. Luxemburg. Belgium. Netherlands/Holland.

Switzerland. Austria. Italy. Sicily. Morocco. Portugal. Spain. Canary Islands. Balearic Islands. Poland. Slovakia. Czech Republic. Hungary. South Africa. Senegal. Ghana. Kenya.

Russian Federation. Bulgaria. Romania. Ukraine. Turkey. Greece. [ Slovenia. Croatia. Serbia. Montenegro = all former Yugoslavia]. India. Nepal. Mauritius.

Pakistan. Kazakhstan. Iran [Islamic Republic Of]. Israel. Iraq. Malta. Egypt. Saudi Arabia. Palestinian (Occupied) Territory. Brunei. United Arab Emirates. Kuwait. Lebanon. Cyprus.

China. Japan. Hong Kong. Singapore. Malaysia. Taiwan. Thailand. Republic of Korea. Dominican Republic. Indonesia. Phillippines. Australia. New Zealand. Vanuata ( South Pacific Island). Vietnam.

Phew! Time to take a break again. Time for another cuppa -- and perhaps for a comfy couch.

So ciao for now - but please stay tuned - because believe us, we'll be back.

** Editors Note: For the enlightenment and benefit of all cerebrally challenged, narrow minded fundamentalists everywhere - and apropos the advancement of absolute accuracy and honesty - readers should be aware that there is really only one of him -- the other old bloke also being him, but dressed up differently ........... heh ..... ;^)


Blogger Phyl said...

Richard, congratulations! Well done! You are one of the stellar people in the world, and I'm proud to know you! And I respect and enjoy everything you say and everything you bring to our attention!

12:11 am  
Anonymous Doug Watt said...

Congratulations Richard! Clearly, there is a good reason for 50,000 to visit your blog. You tell it like it is!

2:45 am  
Anonymous bluey said...

Richard/Old Brit,

You deserve it - and more. Good on you. Like you said Churchill said - Never give in. Never, ever give in.

Ou best to you from Oz.

12:41 pm  
Blogger D.F. Facti said...

You look like Spencer Tracy.

Huzzah! Very impressive. Here's to your next 50,000!

1:22 pm  
Anonymous Mark Abbott said...

Cue the fireworks and balloons ... congrats, Richard!

And many thanks for so many links to startling and underreported events. IMHO you're a living, breathing example of Margaret Mead's aphorism (paraphrased) warning to never underestimate the power of a small group of concerned citizens to change the world, "... indeed, it's the only thing that ever has" done so.

4:07 pm  
Anonymous dubhaltach said...


4:24 pm  
Blogger Elaine Supkis said...

Ya handsome dog, you.

Looking good is great! I am happy when people do this, just like my thanksgiving picture story, we are all real people and have real lives and real faces.

Happy half year celebration, Richard! Keep up the great work!

6:01 pm  
Anonymous kiwi (and family and friends) said...

I should think so too. Why not? There aren't many outlets or people with the balls to come right out and and say what should be said.
Tell the truth and shame the devil, my granny always told us. Well - you do!
Great news, Richard. Roll on 100,000.

7:32 pm  
Anonymous xpatyank said...

Kudos, Old Brit, you earned it.

It ain't just what you do, it's the way that you do it. You got style. Keep on truckin'.

8:44 pm  
Blogger Richard said...


Thanks, everyone. Your support, encouragement, comments, compliments, etc, are so much appreciated. [You don't realise just how much]. Really.

9:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always read but never post, only this time it's different. Your blog is too, it's special. Congratulations from another fan.

9:56 pm  
Anonymous anne said...

hey... richard/old brit ... brains AND looks ... handsome is as handsome does :))

10:11 pm  
Anonymous graniab said...

Congratulations Richard - we look forward to many more great articles and entertaining commentary

5:51 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

anon, anne and graniab,

Thanks, you're all welcome, it's my pleasure.

Incidentally, the 29 sites linking here which I mentioned, has now become 31.

4:00 pm  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

Wow Congratulations!!! And yes indeedy you look like Spencer Tracy....sigh....

Great Posts as usual....
I love coming here...and getting your perspective.
has been updated, there is a Thanksgiving post that I know you would appreciate, and also one on VETS that just went up tonight....

Keep blogging it ...So glad that you are part of Blogatopia...

6:54 am  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

Dear Rick-
You may "guest-blog' any of my pieces/posts ( I am not quite sure what that means- but it sounds rather B&B ish....)
or you may link, or post snippets anything at all....and as usual stop by anytime over at,

The VET series (4parts) is going to cover homelessness& VET homelessness, PTSD& it's shameful treatment, Medical Tmt for vets, and the Abuse& Neglect of the Reserves( and pending draft if left unresolved)....
talking to this one fellow took me on quite a journey...It took me monthes to decide how to tell his story- that indeed might belong to thousands of others....

I am still touched by the dead children photos....and what you wrote- and I am probally going to put in my Round up this week...( I am sending some others your way as well to read your blog....)

Keep up the great work...

7:20 pm  
Blogger Richard said...


Heh. Nice fellow that Tracy was, I'd rather be as 'young' as me.

That last blogpost at your place touched me, too.

It's now up & running as a 'guest spot' here. Hope it brings you some new readers.

12:41 am  

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