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25 November 2008

So Big Brother Bush spied on Blood Brother Blair. So What?

Here's a short & sweet intelligence test.


Is the following statement a total waste of time and space?

... under a long-standing agreement, the US and Britain have pledged “not to collect on each other,” former US intelligence officials said.

Are you a wacko or what? Of course it's complete crap.

They do it every damned day.

They always have and always will.

The truth is that neither dare not do.

This header's taken from today's (London) 'Times'.

US intelligence file was held on Tony Blair while he was Prime Minister
Now read the rest.

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Blogger Nevin said...

It seems sharks were feeding upon one another other. :) Thanks for an informative article.

10:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course this country and the US don't trust each other, so opf course the keep tabs on each other.

Two things to note about this though.

1. Our intel is far superior to theirs.

2. They could do us much more harm.

Ergo ~ it's a balance of power ~ of sorts. So long as neither goes 'soft' one the other.

12:14 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The US has an intel report on Blair?

"All the better to blackmail you with, my dear!"


12:47 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You think Blair wasn't aware? That Brit intel hadn't told him?
That he went while the going was good?
That he knew what he had coming if he stopped toeing the line?
That he hadn't learned by Harold Wilson's mistakes?
Or by Anthony Edens?

Our own "establishment" stinks but the Yanks' is even smellier.

12:53 am  

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