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14 November 2008

Israel's ongoing insistance on continuing it's primitive, not to mention criminal, so cleverly & carefully contrived collective punishment

If you're a supporter of collective punishment or a denier of what's been inflicted on the people of Gaza by Israeli for God alone knows how long, then may we respectfully suggest simply shoving straight off. Moreover, we'd go so far as to say it would be better for all concerned if you made said move this instant.

Better by far, we firmly believe, that you find one of the many blogs and/or websites sharing your personal uncivilised sentiments. After all, there's certainly no shortage of same.

Hamas barrage as Gaza under fire


On Thursday, the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees said it had no more food to distribute in the Gaza Strip, because of the Israeli blockade.


John Ging, of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (Unrwa), said on Thursday that handouts for 750,000 Gazans would have to be suspended until Saturday at the earliest, and called Gaza's economic situation "a disaster".

Israel earlier denied entry to a convoy carrying humanitarian supplies.


Also on Thursday, Israel refused permission for a group of senior European diplomats to visit the coastal enclave.

It has also prevented journalists, including those from the BBC, from entering the territory.


The current round of clashes and rocket fire began on 5 November when Israeli troops entered Gaza to destroy what Israel said was a tunnel dug by militants to abduct its troops.

One militant died in the gunfight, and a subsequent Israeli air strike on Hamas positions in southern Gaza killed at least five fighters.

Hamas responded with a barrage of rockets fired into Israel.

Read the rest of this report.

Then read this one.

And, be sure not to miss this, re : Israel's latest lot of atrocious anti-Muslim activities in Jerusalem.


More like tripe.

Talk about trying to insult the wider world's collective intelligence.

Without doubt, the souls of all those European Jews who suffered so much as a result of similarly shocking, rampant elitism being allowed to continue unchecked untill, sadly, it was far too late to save them, surely must be crying screaming out right now; as must the stones themselves.

For shame.

The kindest thing we can, in all conscience, call such coldly calculated and patently, purposely provocative sorts of sinfully shameful, officially state sponsored, abominable actions is, to say the least, horrifically hypocritical and unarguably indefensible, pure "clap-trap".

We wonder what Simon Wiesenthal himself would say?

Since we're absolutely certain that such a special man simply couldn't stay silent on this score.

[Hat-tip to 'sparrowchat']

*(Cross posted across at 'appletree')

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Anonymous gordo said...

And don't forget this story:

UN 'has run out of Gaza food aid'

Let's also keep in mind the fact that the latest outbreak of violence started when Israel decided to launch an offensive while the world's media was focused on the US presidential election, which took place on November 4:

House Demolitions Threaten Equilibrium in Jerusalem
(Nov. 5)

IDF operating in central Gaza (Nov. 4)

Israeli Airstrike on Gaza Threatens Truce With Hamas (Nov. 4)

9:02 pm  
Anonymous Rex said...

Good for you Richard and Gordo. It's only right that these things are spoken of, in spite of what others may say.

11:21 pm  

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