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14 December 2006

British Prime Minister Blair Quizzed By Cops In 'Questionable' Cash Case ...

We wonder where we've heard that before?

Never mind. We suppose that if you say so Mr Prime Minister, Mr & Mrs Average aught not to argue.

After all, the honourable leader of Her Majesty's Government would never, ever endeavour to emit any erroneous announcements - would he?

Leaving aside Iraq of course, along with Saddam Hussein, weapons of mass destruction and all that kind of crass crap, eh?

Anyway, we aren't actually accusing anyone, Anthony.

As a matter of fact dear boy, we daren't do. Since you'd almost absolutely certainly 'ave us all 'auled up before the beak, for libel.

The truth is that we're merely passing on to the public some information received; albeit some information of the seediest sort.

And anyway, as is quite clearly advised at this old blogger's profile page, Richard just does the reporting -- it's readers who do the deciding.

So, how does something such as this sound for starters?

The British prime minister has been questioned by police investigating the so-called cash-for-peerages affair.

That is such an extraordinary statement in its own right it hardly needs stressing just how serious it is for the government and the Labour party.

It may have long been expected - and there were even those who believed Mr Blair would be interviewed under caution, as a suspect.

That worst scenario may have been avoided, but Mr Blair will be hugely embarrassed by the timing of the interview which came immediately before he left London to fly to an EU summit in Brussels.

Pictures of the prime minister being swept out of Downing Street in his official car for the airport after being interviewed by police are not what he wanted on the front pages at any time.


Then there's this.

Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner John Yates has pursued it vigorously and signalled the seriousness of his inquiry when he revealed in a letter dated 13 November, that "significant and valuable material" had been gathered.

The fact it has been taken so seriously by the police has already seen the government facing allegations it is just as sleazy, or worse, as the Tories were in their darkest days under John Major.

And there's more.

In fact, the full related report can be read right here.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always thought that Ted Heath and John Major were the worst Prime Ministers Britain's ever had. So if I may, through your blog, apologise to them...
'Lads, I was wrong. You were not the worst Prime Ministers Britain's ever had. I apologise for even thinking such a thing. Compared to what we've got now, you were both super.'

5:05 pm  

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