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07 December 2006

BBC Political Editor Nick Robinson; Iraq Remark Really Riles George Bush

Nick Robinson is the Political Editor of the BBC.

Obviously, the man's been around.

Obviously, he's somebody who knows the score.

Obviously, interviewing presidents and premiers poses him no problems.

Also, this (not too old), BBC Brit named Nick -- is obviously a 'bring it on' type of media man.

And equally obviously, our Nick is not George's favourite fellow.

If you wonder why -- take a look at this BBC news footage from today's White House press conference with Bush and Blair.

Boy, was Bush bloody boiling.

In fact, he was flaming well fuming.

'Strewth. Talk about if looks could kill.

See and hear for yourself, as Bush snarls at the man from the 'beeb'.



Anonymous gordo said...

Try this link.

Robinson really got under Bush's skin. Bush starts off with a lie (I've been telling the American people right along how tough it is"), and goes on to invoke 9/11, a generational conflict, the clash of civilizations, "fight them there so we won't have to fight them here", and nuclear-armed terrorists.

Usually, Bush only unpacks one of these talking points when he's rattled, so Robinson must have really gotten to him.

Also, have you noticed how much his twang deepens when he's trying to appear tough?

I don't know whether Robinson deserves all of the credit for the president's anger, though. Bush doesn't slur his words the way he normally does, so it's possible that he's just off his meds.

9:48 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No wonder Bush goes on about 'evil' all the time ~~ evil is written all over that man. And Jeeze, he didn't 'speak' those words to Nick Robinson ~~ he 'spat' them at him.

It makes me sick, to watch or hear him. He is scary ~ with a capital "S".

Blair's not a lot better either ~ though he is a lot more subtle. A perfect example of 'Birds of a feather' and all that.

10:57 pm  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

I am linking to you tonight- since you blogged on the same thing- and did such a nice job....thanks...

( I was really impressed by the reporters from the other side of the pond...)

I think Bush is pretty unstable- it doesn't take much to send him over the edge these days...It is like watching at Drunk Uncle at the Family Dinner- it is only a matter of time before he snaps..

12:54 am  
Anonymous D.K. Raed said...

Your Nick is so good he even got Bush to admit he "talks to the families who die"! Shades of late-night drunken Nixon slobbering on the white house oil paintings of dead presidents. When he leaned across the podium toward Nick, tapping his heart, and spewing "aah unnerstann" ... well, political theatre just doesn't get much better than this. Well done! You Brits need to give our press some lessons. Tony looked a bit peaked. ~~ D.K.

3:29 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With one question, the Brits exposed our MSM for the lapdogs they are, and have been. I noticed Bush had to make a swipe at his nose. He hadn't before that, or after, which means somebody's blood pressure was 212 and rising!:) Mr. Robinson looked unfazed. I say leave the Nazi bastard over there for a couple more weeks - maybe the prick will have a heart attack!

11:43 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

If only we had more men like Nick and less like Bush and Blair. Well, we can drean can't we?

3:53 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's what journalism is meant to be and that's what reporters are meant to do. Pity the the majority of media whores don't know that. An even bigger pity that most don't even care about not knowing.

7:30 pm  
Anonymous scanner said...

thanks for this old brit - i'm passing it on to all i can

7:32 pm  
Blogger landsker said...

Nice video.
As soon as bush hears the word Iraq, he launches into his usual ranting monologue, totally meaningless, with the usual buzzwords: t`rrism, evil, September 11th., free`m, brave soldiers, and so on.
At the end, he has said nothing, and Robinson then moves to converse with blair, about the "Israel-Palestine problem"
Is it not possible for bush to say the words "israel" and "problem" in the same speech?

10:28 am  
Anonymous Tom V. said...

Thanks Richard, to bring up this intermezzo for those like me, who are no longer bother watching 'corporate tv-news'.

I think the two personages' behaviour, under sharp relevant questioning, is telling. I enjoyed almost every commentators' comments, each finding another interesting aspect, and observation about it.

Bush is definitely the weaker character, who one would expect to buckle, at any moment. Very little need for that man, to manifest disturbing symptoms about himself. BTW. He hardly did more than lie and throw up propaganda clich├ęs, which someone else, invented and taught him.
Blair simply dithered, evaded and looked deeply embarrassed.

I think, we've seen two failed men's performance, who themselves aware, that their magic, -if they had any,-is long gone.

7:53 am  

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