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17 April 2005

Diplomatic bags of cash ...

Cash by the diplomatic-bag-load is being handed out on a regular basis, to numerous British diplomats -- to simply stay at home and tend their gardens. Over 150 of them are collecting more than £500,000 monthly [over £6,ooo,ooo p.a.] between them, according to a report by Glen Owen, in today's [17th April] Mail on Sunday. Incredible and/or immoral as it may seem -- it's perfectly legal and within their rules.

What the Rover MG workers wouldn't give for such a sweet deal, eh? Or most other ordinary [ex] employees who are unceremoniously dumped at the drop of hat, at minimal expense to their dumper bosses.

Gardening-leave, as it's called, is what these diplomats are sent home to enjoy, as they join the growing number of superfluous British embassy staff. Such paid leave is so named, because those taking it aren't required to do anything more taxing than potter about their own gardens. Indeed, they're expressly forbidden to take on real work, of any description.

It's the current policy of reducing British embassy staff [in order to save money, you see] that's brought about this amazing state of affairs.

The diplomatic version of garden-leave can last for six months or longer, after which, the affected diplomats are offered either other civil service jobs -- or tasty redundancy packages.

When pressed for further details/discussion last night [16April] the Foreign Office -- with over half the total 150 'garden leavers' on it's payroll -- "was unavailable for comment " to The Mail on Sunday -- let alone to a blogging old Brit, named Richard.


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Blogger Elaine Supkis said...

Hey, Richard! You should have gotten a position in the foreign office.


12:53 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

I bet those thousands just "dumped" by the Phoenix Four, wish they had too, Elaine.

2:33 pm  
Blogger Elaine Supkis said...

Then you get posted to DC....!

2:34 am  

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