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11 April 2005

Suffer little children to come unto me ... ?

Perhaps the biblical quote I've used to title this piece should have had it's punctuation changed a while back, to read: "Suffer, little children -- to come unto me." It would probably have been more appropriate, considering the almighty scandal of rampant paedophilia amongst some American Catholic priests, just a few years ago.

It was a scandal which [to maintain a biblical theme] begat a scandal. For the guilty parties were systematically 'covered up' by their then boss. I speak, of course, of the diocese of Boston's then Archbishop, Cardinal Bernard Law.

After a concerted outcry, he was eventually forced to resign his Archbishop's post. Only to be spirited away by the church hierarchy -- before reappearing, working in the Vatican. Huh! It's a damned promotion to head office, said many at the time. Some system, eh?

Now, a mere three years after 'running for cover' himself, in Rome, his ugly head rears again.

To the further incredulity and disgust of millions of decent people worldwide, especially American Catholics, it appears his church has 'honored' him again. By hand picking him to lead one of nine memorial masses for the recently deceased, Roman Catholic Church's 'Boss of Bosses' - Pope John Paul 2. Just three days after the pontiff's funeral.

Well, I've never claimed infallibility and I don't want to pontificate. But I will say this: "Something stinks in the Vatican state".

What I can't say, is what in hell - or what in heaven's name, if you prefer - should Catholics expect next? Maybe more to the point -- what should they damned well, demand next?!?!?
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Blogger Elaine Supkis said...

Next: the pontiff tells the English royals they can't get divorces or remarry....heh....

4:40 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Hey, Elaine. It's only just occured to me. Remember what happened with Henry viii ? If the [next] Pope upsets Charlie too much, maybe when he becomes King he'll do what his ancestor did - tell the Pope to 'sod off,' then start a religion of his own.

11:36 am  

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