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12 April 2005

On Georges, bikes and booze ...

I read in today's Daily Mail that George W. Bush now has an iPod. One that's filled with no less than 250 different songs. He gets his choices downloaded [legally I hope] by an old buddy called, Mark McKinnon.

" No one should psycho-analyze the (President's) song selection, " warns McKinnon - so I won't.

Apparently, the President likes listening to his stuff while riding his bike. Remember his bike? Millions of us around the world, not so long ago, watched one Bush bike ride we'll never forget. Because we all enjoyed it so much, I expect. After all, genuine GWB laughs are few and far between. Serial stutters & blunders excepted of course.

On learning the Presidential iPod contains most [if not all] the lachrymose hits of another famous George, I admit I had a good giggle. Because the other George turns out to be George Jones - the alcoholic country singer and self confessed former junkie.

I wasn't so much laughing at the singer, personally, but at some of his past antics - and some related ironies. Ironies are often the things that most easily spark genuine, spontaneous smiles from me . As some did again today, when several mental George pictures came flooding back.

Mental pictures -- like remembered visions of Bush so unexpectedly [and comically] parting company with his mountain bike. Heh. What a hoot. What a sport. What a good old boy. What a real, regular guy, eh? Just like you and me. [ Bank account balances excepted of course.]

Then, more mental pictures - this time of the other George - the Jones one. Half forgotten images, suddenly conjuring themselves back up. Such as those of the time he fell off his big petrol-powered lawn mower. Yeah - his lawn mower. Really. As sure as I sit kerpounding this keyboard. Go ask that nice li'l lady who married him a while ago - you know, that other country singer, Tammy Wynette. I can tell you: she knows.

Anyhow, back to the irony business. One fine day, Miss Tammy's husband, George, needed some real emergency transport. In a hurry. To get to the store on time. The local liquor store!

He'd been banned from driving, you see. [ Heh. I wonder why?] Well, Tammy had, quite sensibly, hidden the keys to all the family cars. All 27 of them! I kid you not.

But, it seems old George was not to be thwarted. He couldn't use a car - he couldn't find his bike - so he'd hop on his lawn-mower and ride THAT down the road. I mean, he NEEDED that drink.

Little had he realised though, ' the wagon' wasn't the only thing he'd fall off that day. For it as it turned out, it was also the day poor George Jones fell -- arse-over-tip -- right into the street -- off the bloody lawn-mower!

Memories, ironies, Georges, bikes and booze - aah - don't you love 'em all?

Incidentally, before anyone accuses me of trying to make the 'leader of the free world' look foolish - I categorically deny it. Moreover, I hereby do declare, that he's definitely not.

Falling off a bike is one thing. Falling of a sofa eating pretzels is yet another. But when it comes to any seriously dangerous stuff, Dubya always proves beyond doubt, that he's no fool.

One need only look at his war on terror. His rubble rearranging rampage through Afghanistan. His illegal Iraq invasion. Etc, etc. Doesn't he invariably ensure that the really risky rides [like 'war-wagons'] are, absolutely always, done by anyone but him?

A fool? No way. Bush is not the fool.
© 2005 Richard Morrison


Blogger Elaine Supkis said...

Bush is to irony what an ironing board is to a laundress.


Hey, Richard, I told you, you were good. Many laughs. Will try to pass around...heh.

9:29 pm  
Blogger Elaine Supkis said...

Yo, Richard! Read your comments! When someone posts, answer them. Just like I do on my blog! This is the direct talk section.....

3:26 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Hi, Elaine. Thanks for the reminder. I've still to get myself into the habit I suppose. Oh, and thanks for what you just said at Tapa. I wish I was only doing a fraction of the stuff you manage to do on your blog. Gawd - you ARE dedicated. Keep it up.
Incidentally, I've grown to love Tapa and the people at it [with the odd exception] over several years - but can't figure out what's going wrong lately & what needs fixing. But I do know the way to fix things is NOT to keep getting digs in at those who ARE still regularly posting - whether they blog too - or not. Judging by your last post there, just following mine, you've seen the same thing happen at other places. Awrh! I just can not figure it out.

3:46 pm  

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