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13 April 2005

Rumsfeld in 'Heroin Heaven' ...

So, Donald Rumsfeld's arrived in Afghanistan fresh from Iraq. To boost the troops' morale, eh?

Remember what Rumsfeld did for his country and it's troops' morale when he was younger? Ha! Go on, say it, I dare ya!

Remember Afghanistan ? That's the country where billions of dollars worth of US tax payers' money, and not a little of the UK's too, was spent rearranging the ruins & rubble the Russians left behind.

It's the the country where they beat the Taliban -- or so they'd have us believe. Those of us trusting or simple minded enough to swallow all their bullshit, that is. It's the country where those awful war-lords [ some of whom the US is now inviting to help govern the place] were wreaking havoc. Until the US & it's 'allied'crew began wreaking their own havoc.

It's also the place where Osama- bin-laden hung out and where, we were assured, he would be caught and/or killed. Remember him too? The guy who, with only a few cell phones and some 4x4s & horses, managed to make monkeys out of our superpowers' mega-well-equipped, technologically enhanced, highly trained & mobile modern armies? Eh? Remember?

And, it just happens to be the country where much of the world's heroin-producing poppy crops were [and now increasingly are] grown. Grown to supply the civilized West's ever ready, massive market for the stuff, I might add. Well, they said that had to be stopped too, didn't they? So, .... er .... shouldn't someone point out a few things to Rumsfeld while he's there on the ground? Then, when he gets back home he can update his boss, G.W.B. Including in his report what the UN is telling anyone with ears to hear, about American-Afghanistan's, 'heroin heaven'.

The poppy growing/farming/production/business has flourished over the last couple of years -- the 'American' years. Again just today, the UN confirmed that 80% of the world's heroin now comes from Afghanistan. Incidentally, the American-Afghan- poppy business is one of the few businesses that have flourished during Bush's presidency. The Carlyles and Haliburtons of the world notwhithstanding of course -- but that's another story. Not convinced? Then take a peek at the state of the United States' economy. It won't take you long to 'get the picture'. New US deficit records are being set, month after month after month.

Mission[s] accomplished, eh?

Anyhow, to end as I began -- as nature insists we all do -- back to Rummy. I wonder if this time he's got a better line of patter for his long suffering troops than his old "stuff happens" one?

The real problem of the crooked Bush administration Rumsfeld represents, is a moral one, not a morale one. But like the old saying goes, "None are so blind, as those who will not see".
© 2005 Richard Morrison


Blogger Elaine Supkis said...

Hey, Richard, you get better and better! Keep up the rants.

5:56 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Awrh, you're making me blush, Elaine. The same applies to you - you keep it up too.

7:56 pm  
Anonymous harper said...

Yeah, Richard, I've enjoyed all of your posts a lot. BTW, I don't think anyone was making digs at bloggers, but just, I don't know, feeling sentimental or something. I hope you didn't think I was, when I made my comment. I was referring to how much the forum has meant to me. As was pointed out in later posts, a lot of people have blogs. I'm really glad you've got another creative outlet for that wicked mind of yours! :) It's very exciting you're doing this, and it opens up a whole new world for you.

10:56 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Thanks a lot Harper. It means a lot to me to hear it. Two more things: It wasn't you I thought was having a dig [later posts seem to show the one I thought was, really wasn't] ...... Tapa's meant a lot to me too - a hell of a lot - and that's down to many people like yoursef. I say again - thanks. :^)

1:55 am  
Anonymous harper said...

Hey, this is fun, like e-mails but easier. I won't be able to do it when thousands are visiting every day, but for now...!

2:55 am  

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