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23 April 2009

Food Aid? To feed the poor & hungry of modern day America?

It's almost impossible for any none Americans to even come close to comprehending how the hell some millions of citizens of the United States, the world's wealthiest country, could ever be allowed to find themselves in such a shocking sort of sickening situation as this is.

Poverty hits African Americans hard

BBC correspondent Matthew Price continues his journey across America, and reports from Chicago, Barack Obama's home town, where African American community leaders fear the recession is dragging down their communities more than most.


Poverty is growing across the United States. Many communities are affected. Yet a number of studies suggest that African Americans in general have been hit harder than others.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, black unemployment has risen to 13.4% since the recession began in December 2007. The national unemployment rate is 8.5%.

One of the largely untold stories of America's economic decline is the disproportionate effect it appears to be having on African Americans.

Read the rest of this remarkably revealing report.


If only "socialism" wasn't such a shocking swear word in the states, eh?

Who knows though?

Maybe the blessed Obama truly does have the balls he so strongly hinted he had -- last year.

Maybe now that his presidential honeymoon period is over, Barack will be brave enough (and care enough), to bring about some real change : as opposed to simply some more, same old, same old, 'small change'.


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Anonymous kiwi said...

I'm still waiting a while before I decide whether or not he's going to be a decent president. However, one thing has been obvious to me since the early day's of his campaign is that for all the change he harped on about, he was rarely specific.

9:32 am  
Anonymous pimpernel said...

He wont be allowed to change anything too much, and I'm sure he knows that:indeed knew it from the outset.

9:48 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

What really amazes me is that most Americans can't bring themselves to admit that far from being a truly free country, America has a much "worse" class system in force that does this (or most other) developed countries.

No American seems want to class themselves as working class, even though they HAVE to work for a living. Almost all Americans I've ever talked to, either on line or in the flesh, beleive themselves to be "middle class".

If only more would wake up and acknowledge this class thing, the people as a whole would be better off and better treated in a fairly short space of time. Probably, very noticably within a single four year administration.

England gets called a snobby country, but it can't hold a candle to the US in this respect.

False, self deluding "pride" is the American people's greatest weakness, and while that remains the case who on earth can help them?

3:02 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama, like those before him, is just another product of the US electoral system.

If you ask me though, I think that any political system which ALWAYS results in giving over three hundred million people the choice of just two leaders, obviously needs a radical overhaul.

The real and unelected powers that be always have a Plan A and a Plan B. This ensures that either way, "they" are the winners.

6:23 pm  
Anonymous al murray snr said...

You guys should shut up and get your own house in order.

9:12 pm  
Anonymous realist said...

What Mr Murray said.
Heard of glass houses?

12:41 pm  
Blogger Abbey said...

Obama and his rhetoic of change is meaningless..

He is sending additional troops to aphganistan, he ignored gaza..

the yanks voted for him, they are welcome to him.. they got what they deserve]

welcome america to insolvency... while you go broke obama gives a million+ a day to Israel...

sorry richard but im over the american 'gee i didnt know' attitude..

what is wrong with these people that globally we can see it but they cant

talk soon mate

3:18 pm  
Anonymous R J Adams said...

Al Murray snr & realist: no-one's starving in Britain; thousands of families aren't being thrown out of their homes because of repossessions. Unlike America, the British take care of those who fall on hard times, they don't just write them off as failures and throw them to the wolves. We call it socialism.
And please don't tell me I don't know what I'm talking about. I've lived in the US for nearly seven years and seen it with my own eyes. The problem with Americans is they're bloody, died-in-the-wool, selfish. They wallow in false sentimentality, but when it comes to helping out those less fortunate, they couldn't give a damn about anyone but themselves.
It's a dog-eat-dog society. If they spent just a fraction of their armament budget on health and welfare, it would transform the lives of millions.

6:33 pm  

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