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15 April 2009

Second brutal British bobby suspended re: second violent "incident"

We see that a second British bobby (this time a giant of a sergeant) is suspended from duties as a result of another video coming to light showing how he summarily dealt out his own personal brand of "justice" to a young female who allegedly used some naughty words during recent the G20 protests.

Since we can't think of anything else to say that we didn't say a few days ago regarding our once highly regarded and respected police, we'll let The Guardian's cartoonist, Steve Bell's picture do the talking this time.

Here's a quick cut & pasted taster about this most recent example of an obviously "broken" British police service.

A police sergeant seen in video footage apparently hitting a woman during the G20 protest in London has been suspended, Scotland Yard has said.

The officer appears to hit the woman in the face with his hand and then the leg with his baton after she swears at him.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission - already investigating the death of Ian Tomlinson during the 1 April protests - is examining the case.

The Lib Dems say it shows there is a systemic problem and want an inquiry.

Officers 'accountable'

The latest video footage featuring the female protester has been passed to the IPCC, a Scotland Yard spokesman said.

"The officer has been identified and suspended pending further investigation. The officer works as a sergeant in the territorial support group," he added.

Earlier, police said the apparent actions of the officer featured in the footage raised "immediate concerns".

Read the rest of this report and see this sickening incident for yourself.

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Anonymous bootlean said...

She dared to swear? Dared to say what she really thought?

Big mistake. Nowadays in this country "zay haff vays".......

11:59 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

Big brave bastard isn't he? He must weigh at least 20 stone and she around 6 or 7 stone. He certainly picked his mark didn't he?

1:36 pm  
Anonymous Rex said...

Oops! I swore. Wonder what will happen to be if the police hear about.

1:37 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bootleam and Rex, you are both so right.

Also, I've just watched again on BBC News at One where the newcaster points out that this oaf is a member of the TSG (Tactical Support Group) as was the other big brave bugger who attacked an innocent a man from behind - for no good reason other than to throw his weight around.

Also pointed out was that this policeman had removed his numbers from his epalets.

Richard, can you or anyone else tell me if this act in itself is unlawful? And if it isn't, why not? And if it is lawful, why. And either way, who among 'he heirarchies' is responsible? And to whom are they accountable?

1:50 pm  
Anonymous plod said...

I can answer your question. The police are NOT allowed to remove their numbers.

8:02 pm  
Blogger Ardent said...

The cartoon that you posted is so appropriate.

Defending the bankers and stomping on the masses.

10:19 pm  
Blogger Nevin said...

I agree with Ardent.... The cartoon said it all! no further comments necessary.. :)

5:23 pm  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

I have an updated post on Ian Tomlinson, and updated videos that shows some of the lies exposed- now I will start learning about the 2nd incident.

( coverage here was picked by numerous bigger bloggers and some news media after I posted on the 8th....)

10:42 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would you do thier job? No. So shut up.

People always talk about coppers who didnt do enough, or coppers who went too far, what about the ones who did the it right? Dont talk about them do you?

Plus thier here to protect the state, not us, some idiot turns up and screams in his face, when he hasnt done anything to her, then gets a whack whos faults that? she asked for it really, literally, plus have you forgot that she and her partner were both claiming the dole? Why should I pay for her benefits and her compensation when shes nothing but a work-shy mouthy cow? And with the other guy, watch the video again, he walks right out in front of the cops, literally straight accross thier line, in that scenareo wouldnt you walk round them? out of the way of trouble? Instead he acted in a way that could be taken as been provocative, fair enough the copper shouldnt of pushed him over but then again he wasnt so innocent either.

9:25 pm  

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