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02 November 2008

George W. Bush : Worst US President Ever?


We're certain that you've heard (and/or thought), as often as we have that George W. Bush is/was America's worst president, ever.

But no, that's not so, says today's Sunday Times.

They tell us that the
Buchanan bloke shown above was.

They name some other pitiful (in their opinion) US presidents too.

Also, they openly opine about the best of the the whole bunch of the (both famous and infamous), 43 C-in-Cs.

Go see for yourself,
The Sunday Times' take on that score.

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Blogger Al DeVito said...

Looking at the list of presidents that I have lived under, I was embarrassed to see the quality of the men who in most cases were thought of as 'leaders of the free world'.

Sure FDR, Ike and Truman should be near the top. But Reagan at #8, JFK at 11 and LBJ at 12? You're kidding me. Were the presidents I did not know worse than this lot?

Time will show that Nixon was nowhere near as bad as to be ranked after GW Bush. Although I never voted for Tricky Dick, he will eventually wind up ahead of Carter, Ford, Clinton and GHW Bush.

GW will win the booby prize.

10:33 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only semi off topic, but given the choices for the next presidency it' obvious that McCain's the worst possible choice.
Having said that, I think there are going to be millions of disappointed Americans when they see what Obama does [and doesn't do] rather than continue just listening to what he says.

300 million people get to choose between just TWO men? And that's democracy?

No way, Jose. The current US presidential electoral system stinks. And I do mean STINKS!

11:20 pm  
Anonymous R J Adams said...

I love the way these so-called 'experts' expound on the few good things done by the likes of Lincoln and Roosevelt and completely ignore all the bad stuff.
George Washington was probably the greatest US president, after that it was all downhill.
I defy anyone to find one thing George W Bush has done in eight years, that comes close to compensating for all the heartache and suffering he's brought to the world - yet, when eventually he shuffles off this mortal coil, they'll eulogize him to the gods.

4:30 pm  

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