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09 June 2008

Permanent Bases for Iraq


Even as they try to negotiate an agreement to extend the American military presence in Iraq past the end of this year, American officials insist that there is no plan to build permanent bases in Iraq. That assertion depends on an extremely narrow definition of the phrase "permanent base."

Buried deep in a story about American threats to freeze Iraqi assets unless the Iraqis agree to allow American forces to continue to operate without constraint inside Iraq is
this bit of information:

The US had previously denied it wanted permanent bases in Iraq, but American negotiators argue that so long as there is an Iraqi perimeter fence, even if it is manned by only one Iraqi soldier, around a US installation, then Iraq and not the US is in charge.
So that's the basis for all the angry denials that Bush wants to build permanent bases in Iraq. The Americans plan to build perimeter fences around their permanent bases, with entrances manned by Iraqi soldiers. That makes them permanent Iraqi bases, not permanent American bases.

So, is there anyone who thinks that the Iraqis will see it that way?

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