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03 June 2008

"Merhaba" from Fethiye, Mugla, Southern Turkey ... (aka Paradise).

"Merhaba" from fantastic Fethiye, Southern Turkey.

Depending upon how you look at this sort of thing, here's the good -OR - bad news.

We'll be back home in the UK at the weekend.

Since we've not had reliable Internet access as often as we'd have liked and since we said at the outset that we intended taking a genuine 'break' from putting the world to rights, we've not even been keeping up with reading the blog, let alone writing for it.

What we are well aware of though, is how much we're indebted to Gordo from Appletree for keeping things ticking over.

Thanks, Gordo. We owe you.

We should eventually have some nice photos and stories to post once we're back home, but in the meantime here's something (including a few lovely picture galleries) about the the beautiful Mugla (Mediterranean) region of Turkey.... where we've been enjoying ourselves for the past five weeks or so.

Be back in business soon.

'Bye for now.

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Anonymous gordo said...

I know everyone is missing you here at your blog home. Looking forward to your return.

9:24 pm  
Anonymous Derya said...

For lovely Fethiye information, you may visit

3:29 pm  

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