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05 June 2008

How bad was John McCain's speech? REAL bad.

Lesson 1: If you use a solid green backdrop for your speeches, the folks at Sadly, No! will be able to put porn into the background

John McCain tried to upstage Barack Obama by scheduling a speech for the day that Obama was expected to declare victory. That wasn't very bright. McCain should have known that he couldn't keep the attention of the press while the first black major party candidate claimed the nomination, any more than he could have upstaged Eisenhower on V-E Day. But if you're going to try to draw the spotlight, make sure you're prepared to give a good performance.

How bad was McCain's performance? Take a look:

What's funny is the way the Republicans try to spin it as a speech that was good in substance, but poor in delivery. In reality, it's just the same tired rhetoric we've been hearing from Republicans for a generation. He accused Obama of being a liberal, and calls for smaller government. That's what passes for substance on the Republican side of the aisle these days.

In the end, McCain's attempt to steal Obama's show just made him seem petty. And his speech just made him seem tired and condescending.

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