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08 June 2008

'This Old Brit' Is Back: Back To The Same Old, Same Old ...

In case you hadn't noticed, we've been away for a bit.

But now, like it or not, we're back.

And, like it or not, here begineth the first two penneth of our own barmy brand of blogging, again.

So. What's one of the very first flippin' things we find out?

Here's what. It's that some sodding things never change.

Never. Ever.

For example, witness what follows:

Our most recently anointed appointed crappy New Labour Home Secretary, Mizz
Jacqui Smith, is still as full of shit as she ever was.

And ...... that good old Oregonian guy,
Gordo over at appletree, is still as great a guy as he ever was.

But you knew that, already.


By the way, before anyone blinkin' bothers to bother us by asking us ...

The answer is yes.

We missed you.

Honestly. Really.

Exactly as much as you missed us.

İyi Akşamlar.

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Anonymous Ally said...

As well as the '42 days' detention period within the new counter-terrorism bill, I see that the government are proposing that inquests and inquiries are subject to state control, i.e. the selection of special coroners & the exclusion of jurys from any inquest where the home secretary sees fit.

Inquests may also be held in secret.

Why should the July 7th deaths be investigated in secret????? Have the government got something to hide?

This is outrageous

4:18 pm  

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