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18 December 2007

Turkey Escalates Offensive Against Kurdish Communist PKK Terrorists In Iraq ...


Apparently, Turkey's finally fed up to the eye teeth of the murderous PKK communist, Kurdish terrorist group openly operating against the Turkish people out of Northern Iraq. Lately, with seemingly increased brazen bloody faced impunity.

Turkish soldiers cross into Iraq
Not before time, if anyone asks us.

A spokesman for the Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga security forces told the BBC that the Turkish troops entered Iraq overnight in an area called Seeda Kan - in the triangle between Iraq, Iran and Turkey


Turkish President Abdullah Gul was quoted by Turkish media as saying the army was doing "what is necessary".

He declined to give any further details.

Weekend air raids

The troops move came after Turkish warplanes bombed suspected PKK bases in northern Iraq over the weekend.
Over 30,000 have already died since these rebels began running amok - and continually and deliberately targeting civilians as well as the Turkish military.

And, we might add, these terrorists continuously pay particular attention (especially during peak holiday season time) to the Med and Aegean regions' tourist resorts regularly frequented by Brits - along with many other (innocent), international 'happy holidaymaker' families.

Read the rest of today's British Broadcasting Corporation's [BBC] relevant report.

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Anonymous bootlean said...

Well, I know for a fact that you definitely know Turkey first hand, Richard - so who am I to argue?.

Two things I hadn't realised til now though - that so many had died because of this PKK mob - and that all the young Turks must do a couple of years (mandatory) military service.

10:04 pm  
Anonymous Rex said...

Hey, heard the latest from the Beeb?

Iraq's Kurdish leader snubs Rice

The head of Iraq's Kurdish regional government has refused to meet the US secretary of state because of the US position on Turkish cross-border raids.

More at link.

11:01 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Kurds have had the run of oil rich Northern Iraq for god knows how long. Saddam had given them virtual free reign fo many years and the US has done the same. In fact, to suit their own devious puposes the US has given them even more autonomy. Haven't they already got enough?

Do they really expect Turkey to say OK guys, here you are, take yourselves a chunk of our country?

10:55 am  
Anonymous Charles said...

Quite correct, anon. The trouble is that some people have this romantic idea of the PKK as fighting for their people's rights and so on.

The truth is that this group is a tiny violently disruptive proportion of the Kurdish populus as a whole. The vast majoriy of whom so rightly shun them and their terrorist mantra and indefencable murderous actions. Even among their own they're viewed as more trouble than they're worth.

As in every case EVERYWHERE in the world, violence is not the answer. Violence ALWAYS begets more violence.

1:01 pm  
Anonymous Peter England said...

Once again MSM is complicit in perpetuating the Kurdish PKK myth, especially Americam media.

While they're helping the US keep control of Northern Iraq, the US media is never, never, never going to explain to their US readers that this bunch of terrorist are hardline communists.

Can you imagine how Americans would react if they learned that the US was in bed with a band of "dirty commy rebels"?

1:10 pm  

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