Blogroll Me! How This Old Brit Sees It ...: Bush & Co Begin Blogging For Freedom For Muslims (Yep, you read that right) ...

20 November 2007

Bush & Co Begin Blogging For Freedom For Muslims (Yep, you read that right) ...


Well, we certainly have to hand it to (ex pat, young Brit), Damian Lanigan for his brilliant bit of blogging for The 'ToryTelegraph' today.

Damian Lanigan? Who the heck is he, we imagine hearing you query. And it seems the powers that be at The Telegraph imagine sort of similarly. Why else would they introduce the man thus?

Damian is a novelist, playwright and TV writer you've probably never heard of. He lives in Brooklyn.
Anyway, enough of our pathetically primitive, attempts at prosy preambling posing.

He's how dear Damian began his blog today.

Blogging for Freedom

Posted by Damian Lanigan on 20 Nov 2007 at 17:28

Tags: America, Blogging, Islam, George W Bush, US, Muslims, US State Department, pro-American blog posts, Islamofascism

So the US State Department is seeking to wean impressionable young Muslims off terrorism by introducing pro-American blog posts.

It's not the worst idea to come out of the current administration (it's up against some pretty stiff competition after all), but one can't help picking up the whiff of desperation.


A whiff of desperation, Damian?

More like a positively unmistakable stench, should you ask us, sunshine.

Nonetheless, laddie, we strongly recommend all our own readers to read your post.
Since when we did, Damian, we definitely loved it.

Here's the link.


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Anonymous bootlean said...

Ha! And now he's saying he wants to talk to Iran again - through the [laughingly called] Iraqi government of course. Ha, ha.

"Desperate" is about right I'd say.

12:45 am  
Anonymous RJ Adams said...

"State Dept. Tries Blog Diplomacy"

"Blog Diplomacy" - I believe it's called 'broadcasting propaganda'. Blogging is just the latest tool of the trade.

1:17 am  

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