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17 November 2007

Para's Commanding Officer, Lt Col Stuart Tootal, Tells The MOD Turds To Shove It ...

When one reads about something as starling as this, one immediately knows for certain that something is seriously amiss.

A war hero Para chief is quitting the Army in disgust over the “appalling” and “shoddy” treatment of troops, it was revealed yesterday.

Lt Col Stuart Tootal, 42, commanding officer of 3 Para, penned a bombshell resignation letter spelling out his reasons for quitting his £70,000-a-year post.

The OBE officer, hotly-tipped to one day head the Army, has highlighted some horrible home truths, regarding today's British Army.

Hit this link to see the shocking sort of stuff he's highlighted.

And good on the man for having big enough balls to blow the bloody whistle on the bums.

If we were wearing the uniform, we'd salute him.

However, we don't need any uniform to say what we want to say.

Shame, shame, shame on the British Ministry of Defence (MOD). Since it seems it's no damned better under Brown than it was under Blair.

The desk bound, Colonel Blimp like bunch of wannabe warriors are still insisting on shitting on our serving soldiers. And no matter how hard they try to spin their (usual) screed, none of us should be so stupid as to swallow it.

The MOD should be ashamed.


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Anonymous whoever said...

Good on him is right, Rick.

Obviously it's not gonna happen now but he deserves a medal.

2:56 am  
Blogger Dubhaltach said...

I thought of you the moment I saw this piece in the UK Independent:

"Paras' commander quits over breaches of Military Covenant
By Jonathan Owen
Published: 18 November 2007

One of the Army's brightest officers, marked by many as a future general, has resigned, it emerged yesterday, in protest at the Government's failure to honour the Military Covenant. Lt-Col Stuart Tootal citing "appalling" and "shoddy" treatment of troops, particularly regarding issues over levels of pay, lack of training equipment and shortcomings in housing and healthcare, particularly regarding issues over levels of pay, lack of training equipment and shortcomings in housing and healthcare."

I have - as you know, served alongside U.K. troops both in Afghanistan and Irak. I wouldn't treat a dog the way your country treats its soldiers.

The whole thing is worth reading at the link above. On a related note the smarmy little poodle is raking in the cash:

"The difference is that nowadays, many of those working hours are dedicated to funding the lavish new life that Mr Blair and his wife are creating for themselves. And, while his salary as Prime Minister was £186,429 a year, it now takes him just two high-profile speeches to earn the same amount."

And let's not forget some other people who are doing very nicely thank you:

"Unfortunately his words and those of everyone at the meeting were being broadcast via a live television feed to a group of astonished reporters. 'I couldn't believe it,' said one who was there. 'When I realised they didn't know they were being broadcast live, I frantically started taking notes.'

Opec only realised that the leaders' row was being broadcast to the world when the Reuters news agency put out a report of the argument."

That would be this report among others:

Don't mention the dollar, says OPEC

I found going to the Reuters site and typing in OPEC educational.

Then I read this:

"RIYADH ( -- The linkage between high crude oil prices and devaluation of the dollar on the global markets has become one of the issues discussed in the sidelines of the OPEC Summit. During the behind-closed-doors discussions of the OPEC Ministers, Iran and Venezuela have proposed to delink crude oil from dollar denominations. Ministers have been discussing openly, as sources present during the meeting stated, whether oil should continue to be valued in dollars. Iran and Venezuela have already been openly urging members to consider the option. However, as OPEC officials stated after the meeting, even the mentioning of a possibility would currently have a debilitating effect on the position of the dollar. Still, Iran and Venezuela seem to be heading towards an implementation of the idea. Already, most Asian traders are being asked by Iran to have contracts set up in either Euros or Yen. Some negative effects currently hurting the dollar value worldwide could be contributed to the proposal.


The idea will not become one of the main issues discussed by OPEC it seems, but developments such as the de-linkage need to be kept in mind for the coming years. In a rational way, the Iranian Venezuelan proposal could be effective and maybe even worthwhile taking. Economically it could support the hard-needed economic diversification projects of the OPEC members, leaving more value in the hands of governments. But as analysts also indicated, it would not only hurt global economy, which is still based on dollar transactions, push down American economic growth, but also have a very negative effect on the developing world. A crude oil sector based on euros will crush most developing countries� already struggling economic development. Most African countries are energy importers, paying crude oil imports in dollars, while exporting products to Europe extensively. The revenues gained from the latter are needed to improve their own economies. If all will need to be paid in euros, the positive effects of the latter are removed, while higher crude oil prices will hurt directly all sectors in the end.

The obvious other link between the Venezuelan-Iranian proposal is to hurt American policies. A slowdown of the American economy and a weaker dollar is obviously seen by Tehran and Caracas as a nice way of confronting American president George W Bush. Oil is politics, the latter is currently also making headlines in Riyadh.."

10:53 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

3 Para were fighting 'for their lives' almost for almost every single minute deployed in Afghanistan. They did more than their fair share and 'paid' more than their fair share to carry out the UK government's dictate.

It's not long since a brave young lad in this elite (always front line regiment) named Tubby, I think was awarde the VC (Victoria Cross) which is THE highest honour it's possible to be awarded.

Sadly, as is often the case, his award was paid for with his young life.

One has to wonder how his young widow will be 'rewarded' for her enforced personal sacrifice.

3:29 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As with most governments not just in the UK, most promises made to the ordinary 'Tommy' fighting their wars for them are never paid or 'repaid' properly.

The conscipts of WW2 were all promised faithfully that they would retun to a home fit for heroes. Huh. That's probably one of the greatest lies of all times.

Not far behind comes the US Vietnan 'con'. Look at how they were treated after they'd done their politicians' dirty work.

From what you wrote recently they'r still being shit on -- by their own ordinary fellow citizens as wll as the politicians.

I'd better not say any more. I'm too angry to write further without losing it altogether ans using the kind of language which would probably lead to my being banned from posting again.

3:40 pm  
Anonymous martha said...

Hey, look at this. Today the Brit army's boss of bosses steps up to the plate.

Army head concerned over morale

Gen Dannatt said the military covenant was "out of kilter"

The head of the British Army has expressed concern about poor morale among troops.
Gen Sir Richard Dannatt also raised the issue of the strain placed on resources by operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to an internal report obtained by the Sunday Telegraph, Sir Richard said troops felt "devalued, angry and suffering from Iraq fatigue".

More at link.

4:08 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well he returned to his ideals
a young man that understood the futility of many wars when he was a CND supporter at school!

contrived a plummy military career (never used to speak like that)-what did he expect meddling around in others country

2:34 pm  

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