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19 November 2007

Mehdi Shahbazi Dead:Shell & Exxon Price Protestor Pays The Ultimate Personal Price ...


Sad to say, another one of the good guys has gone.

Just another no account whistle-blower bites the dust, eh?

Just one extra entirely expendable victim of a big-oil war, eh?

Well, whatever...

May this old Iranian born American, Mr Mehdi Shahbazi rest in perfect peace - since he's certainly earned it.

Gas-station owner dies after fast against oil giants

Liver failure claims the life of Mehdi Shahbazi

By Sharon Noguchi -- Mercury News

Mehdi Shahbazi was a man who championed the consumer and listened to his own counsel as he waged a years-long battle against Exxon Oil and then Shell Oil.

The conflicts cost him his eight service stations - from Salinas to San Jose - his home, his health and his life.

Shahbazi, 65, died Wednesday at Stanford Hospital due to a fast of more than four months to protest the power of oil companies - and as gas prices approach record highs in California.

At his former Marina station - where two years ago he posted a sign that read "Consumers' pain is Big Oil's unearned profit!" - customers have erected a memorial of flowers, cards and signs proclaiming love and appreciation.

Until a court decision last month that gave Shell legal control over his final station, Shahbazi was positive he would prevail, said his nephew, Kaz Ajir of Marina.

But the news devastated him, and his health dramatically declined.

Read the heartrending rest of Mr Shahbazi's sad story.


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Anonymous bluey said...

The old man died
And no one cried
(Morningside, Neil Diamond).

Thanks for this Richard, it's the first I've heard about it. The shits at Exxon and Shell (as well as the rest of the big oil crooks) have neither shame nor conscience.

May they all rot together.

5:15 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Collateral damage?
Damage control?
Stuff happens?
He was against them, not with them?

No disrespect intended but that's the way the shits to blame will see this. As will all their wingnut friends.

11:49 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And the friendly Shell Oil company sponsers both BBC World News and Euronews, so don't expect to hear the truth about what's really happening in the 'War on Terror'. (The War OF Terror, more like!)


9:37 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

can't you just hear the wingnuts gloating? Especially those like Dera Cagan?

"Well, that's one less Iranian."

4:34 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

we lost another great man.To his friends and family May the memories held deep within your heart, help to sooth you…

9:30 pm  
Anonymous mike tunz said...

Year Cost/gallon exxons profits

2002. $1+/gallon 11 billion
2007. $3+/gallon. 40 billion

Look it up on wikipedia (exxonmobil)

The 6 supermajors have a monopoly on oil and our government won't do anything... I (really dont have to) wonder why?!¿!?

Diesel used to cost less than gasoline cause its less refined. Diesel is now a dollar more!!! The price of diesel effects the price of every item you by in a store cause it got transported to the store using diesel trucks! Thats why the cost of everything is going up!!

We mourn the loss of our brother medhi! Thank you for standing up for your fellow American and above all fellow man(/woman)!

12:15 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So here we are now, three years after Medhi's death. Gas is now selling at under $2/gallon. Medhi's cause was utterly wasted because he could have just toughed it out and gas prices would have eventually dropped to current levels. His station would have easily returned back to profitability.

10:49 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i miss my uncle.i think he was very courageous.i used to go see him at the station and he would always give me very happy that people respect him for what he did.


a loving niece

4:35 am  

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