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01 February 2007

Is A Blair 'Watergate' Wending It's Way Toward Downing Street?

We ain't saying nothing till we've seen our mouthpiece.

Know what we mean?

Nudge, nudge -- wink, wink -- say no more.

Incidentally, they're the words of we old pair, not of Great Leader Blair nor of Lord Levy.

It seems they would sooner stay schtum.

But the BBC's Nick Assinder isn't.

Seen what he's saying?

It is extraordinary enough that the prime minister has been interviewed for a second time by police in the cash-for-honours investigation.

It is just as extraordinary that the 45-minute conversation was kept secret for the best part of a week - particularly as there have been persistent claims that someone is leaking details of this probe.
And, Assinder asks:

Have the police now moved onto what is, in effect, a separate inquiry into a Watergate-style cover-up, as some are now claiming?

Does it all mean the inquiries, once believed to have been near completion, are now weeks away from a conclusion?

And has it increased or diminished the likelihood that charges will eventually be laid against individuals and, if so, at what level in the Labour Party or even the government?

Another Nick we know - BBC Political Editor Nick Robinson - has also been keeping a close eye on things --
and he's been blogging about them too.

Here's a quick clip & paste.

Lord Levy's refused to comment after his arrest on Tuesday but, he's always protested his innocence telling friends that "only one person can nominate people for honours and it isn't me".

I think we know what - and who - he's referring to.

Perhaps the plot thickens.



Anonymous whoever said...

Who ever said the US had the monopoly on good ole boys?

1:16 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

Here's a simple and straightfoward timeline on this sorry scandal.

1:33 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This kind of thing has always gone on. Blair of course is simply more arrogant/cocky - about everything his government is involved in. If he had any honour at all, he'd have resigned long ago.

11:24 am  
Anonymous bluey said...

We shouldn't be surprised by anything that we hear about this lot. Remember only a couple of weeks ago when Blair pulled the plug on the Saudi/UK corruption investigation? He actually stood up in the house and said point blank that "the rule of law" played second fiddle to national interests?

What he really meant was that big-bucks came first - and eff anything else.

1:19 pm  
Blogger bootlian said...

Surely you know the rules by now, Richard?

"Do as we SAY -- not as we DO!"

2:20 pm  
Anonymous Mike said...

Perhaps the plot thickens.

God, let's hope so.

1:20 pm  

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