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26 January 2007

Moshe Katsav, Iranian Born President Of Israel; Is All This For Real ?

Excuse our language, but ..... WTF?

These pictures are of Moshe Katsav, the Iranian born President of Israel who earlier this week was (among other things) saying shouting screaming raging raving ~ or, whatever -- as shown below.

In an emotionally-charged news conference, Mr Katsav said he would fight to clear his name, "even if it means a world war".
See BBC link.

So, we ask again ..... WTF?

See Guardian link.

See some Israeli press reactions.

See President Katsav's BBC profile here.

see President Katsav's Wikipedia entry here.

Well, we already asked WTF ~ twice.

So, here's WTF we two think could well be the case.

We think it sounds like the man's counter attacking: fighting fire with fire: threatening to blab; and to blab, bloody big time.

So big and bad in fact, that he personally believes that whatever it is he's (so far), keeping quiet about could be big and bad enough to cause the third World War.

But the real big, bottom line bummer we're stuck on is -- blab about who?

And/or about what?

(Your mileage may vary.)



Anonymous bluey said...

Uh, oh. It's about Iran isn't it? He knows what's coming.

12:09 am  
Anonymous whoever said...

If that were the case bluey, surely he'd be signing his own death warrant by ranting like this right out in the open ~ wouldn't he?

Thanks for all these links Richard.

Hmm. Oh what a tangled web they weave. Ya think?

1:30 am  
Anonymous martha said...

Yes, thank you for the links Richard. I followed them all and then others they led me to. Don't know about anyone else here but I think it must be like living in a madhouse for regular Israelis, what with living with all the "questionable" politicians they have in charge right now.

2:08 am  
Anonymous martha said...

Oops. Forgot to mention I had no idea this man was originally Iranian not Israeli. What a fine kettle of fish

2:14 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

Maybe he was being set up over those women for any number of reasons. It always rings alarm bells with me when someone turns up making accusations years after the event whenever and wherever these occur. Four different women suddenly decide independently make similar claims ~~ years later? You do have to wonder.

10:40 am  
Anonymous David Moss said...

This old Brit should call this place this old Jew baiter.

11:44 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

David Moss, You've hit the nail on the head. Someone I know sent me here and I've seen enough already.. first visit=last visit.

12:33 pm  
Anonymous Tom V said...

Richard, you can safely toss into the garbage Mr. David Moss' opinion and any similar one, coming to your way.

This is nothing but namecalling, and pigeonholing (ie. the usual stuff) to blame you, without going into the merit of the case.
The psychology of his intellectually inferior tactic, is to silence any dissent and any criticism by intimidation.

It's not worth our time, to read it.

12:52 pm  
Anonymous Tom V said...

Now after swiping off the morons, shall we freely talk and voice our opinion as to the best of our faculties allow? Ie. to exercise the most prescious privilege of Western Man since our proud and free cultural ancestors, (whom I deeply respect), the ancient Greeks practiced it in their Democracy?

Richard, this 'Katsav' story has so many angles to choose from, one is a bit hesitant where to start.

Obviously there is a comical dimension to this story, created by a man who have lost his sense of proportionality, and how the outside world may preceive his behaviour, while he publically destroys both his own, as well as his high office's dignity.

But for me, there is more here.

I don't know about the Israeli Presidents, but the Israeli Prime Ministers up till now, have been nothing but a long succession of previous terrorist gang leaders, and documented war criminals, who were neverless allowed in their office, without the slightest harassment from anyone.
Nothwithstanding the seriousness of the charges, this man in comparison, is but a small criminal with only a trifle of activity against him. Now how do we solve this inherent contradiction?

Well we can, but not without pointing-out the blatant racial double-standard of Zionist and Supremacist Jews, who creating the laws and customs in this state, called Israel.
If one's victims are Arabs, or Arabs and British, -like in the King David Hotel massacre,- in other word non-Jews, even if his victims' numbers are in their thousands, one will be decorated, commemorated with foggy eyes' public speeches, and maybe even promoted to the highest office in the land.

Mr. Katsav's mistake was, that he thought that a few, -by comparison trivial- infractions, will also be tolerated, but he was phenomenally wrong, which no ammount of fiery speeches with foaming mouth will be able to correct. You see his victims, -unlike in the other cases,- are Jewish women, and there is no blankett amnesty for crimes against them.
Indeed, in rabbinical opinion Jewish women are the ones, who carry the sacred Jewish bloodline, and no mere mortal, even if he is the President of the most racist state on the face of this Planet, will ever going to violate them, thus that Sacred Law, without harsh consequences.

In my humble estimation, that contrast quite well with the Supremacist Jews' (including most rabbinical, and all Talmudist rabbinical authorities' opinion), who codify Gentiles as 'cattles', and their women and daughters as 'whores', and 'little whores' respectively.

3:07 pm  
Anonymous Young Brit \Sam Cotton said...

Try this then. This is NOT a personal remark directed to any particular person - but what is posted here is typical Jew baiting - at the very least. As are most of the comments. Have you no shame?

3:54 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is always to my amazement and amuzement that critizing all contries goverments with exception of Israel is acepted as ok in politics difference.

Here I take no side and no stance.

For your informaton purpose I am not Jew or Christian, I am from from India I am Hindu.

4:28 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zionism is a political movement not a religious one. It uses religion whenever convenient, of course.

5:03 pm  
Blogger Gert said...

Hi Richard!

Wow, a bit of hysteria going on here!

Katsav and his family left Iran when he was five. The family is Jewish, like another approx. 25.000 Iranian Jews (Judaism is a state-sanctioned religion in Iran, as is of course Islam and Zoroastrianism (don't ask...) but not Christianity).

Katsav, like anyone else, is entitled to the presumption of innocence.

5:25 pm  
Anonymous anon2 said...

Isn't the prime minister also under investigation? Boy do they seem to have more than their fair share problems of late.

7:14 pm  
Blogger bootlian said...

The US, the UK, Israel ...

It seems we the ordinary 'plebs' have a lot in common when it comes to our countries' leadership. Who among them should we trust ~ if any at all?

As Gert points out though, we should always presume innocence until proven otherwise. Though I must say that coming from a holder of such high office and standing, the third world war reference (or threat?) is very, very, very worrying ~ whether he is guilty or innocent of the accusations.

7:53 pm  
Anonymous Lesley said...

The BBC's Rachel Harvey in Jerusalem says as long as Mr Katsav retains the title of president he still has immunity from criminal prosecution.

How convenient. No one, least of all the people in power, should have immunity from prosecution. That's just crazy.

David Moss and others of his ilk are as loony as Atlas Pam. Brilliant tribute to the wingnuts here.

8:03 pm  
Anonymous nomatter said...

David Moss, anonymous and youngbrit/samcotton speak the the truth.
There is no shame here. And on this day of all days.

8:28 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm wondering how long before we hear Hitler was right.

9:13 pm  
Anonymous stu said...

so this is what he gets for calling the israli government an elite clique an exposing their rascism against othe middle east jews ..... he's dared to break the great taboo ... he should watch his back from now on .... they won't let him set a precident .. that's for sure

9:42 pm  
Anonymous Griffon said...

He's already been thrown to the lions, Stu.
That's what he is so mad about!

11:52 pm  
Blogger markfromireland said...

Hi Richard,

I see that you're getting called the usual names by the usual suspects.

Not worth worrying about.

The anonymous commenter from India is right. Nobody is allowed have any opinion or make any comment that might possibly imply that any politician who happens to be an Israeli poltician accused of corruption and abuse of office actually might be corrupt.

To do so is be automatically labeled a Jew hater.

It's a form of hysterical bullying which fortunately for everyone including the citizenry of Israel itself is increasingly seen as what it is.

A form of bullying - a counterproductive one at that.

Keep up the writing on what you see fit as you see fit.

1:08 am  

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