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12 February 2007

Iran Set Up By US For Something Soon? Seen Some Of These Strange Stories?


Well, now.

Flatten us -- with a flippin' feather duster.

Who'da hell'da thunked it, eh?

Isn't this all so strange?

That the bombs/armaments/explosives/etc, supposedly made in Iran and being sent to Iraq are all quite clearly marked in the English language? And that any accompanying numerals are also English/(Roman), ones?

And isn't it also strange - that the Brit military brass gave short-shrift to any such sorts of suspicions, quite some considerable time ago?

(snip) ..... there have been a number of news reports over the last year expressing scepticism, even among military personnel, about the link to Iran.

The Washington Post reported last October that British troops in the south doubted the claim.

A year ago, the London Times said that British officers in Basra had stopped making any such claim, saying only that the technology matched bomb-making found elsewhere in the Middle East, including Lebanon and Syria.

And isn't this Australia aired 'Voice of America' story, also strange?

Top American General Disputes US Military Claim on Iran

By Al Pessin
Canberra, Australia
12 February 2007

Pessin report - Download 416K
Listen to Pessin report

The top American military officer, General Peter Pace, declined Monday to endorse the conclusions of U.S. military officers in Baghdad, who told reporters on Sunday that the Iranian government is providing high-powered roadside bombs to insurgents in Iraq.

General Pace made his comments during a visit to Australia, and VOA's Al Pessin reports from Canberra.

Sometimes, certain things seem sooo strange that they're almost spooky -- eh?

'Course, what would we old codgers know?

Could quite easily be nothing more than another case of a couple or so, loosely related coincidences.




Anonymous whoever said...

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.


Be sure your sins will find you out.

10:05 pm  
Anonymous zak said...

all i know for sure is that the fleet ain't where it is for the fishin

11:52 pm  
Anonymous bluey said...

When a group of extremist madmen are running a country and operating under the guise of loyal followers and order takers of mad King George -- nothing is impossible. From the relative safty of their own [widely spread] safe and secure locations they will happily let half the world go up in smoke.

10:00 am  
Blogger Ziem said...

Another lie to gain more oil for Exxon. Why, oh why am I not surprised??

1:05 pm  
Blogger blowback said...

Well bugger me with a feather, if the lying shit isn't in on the act as well.

'The British government, however, backed Washington's claims of covert Iranian arms supplies to insurgents, including sophisticated armour-piercing roadside bombs. A Downing Street spokesman said Tony Blair had been "at the cutting edge of identifying this problem", first raising the alarm over the alleged influx of Iranian weaponry in October 2005.'

2:10 pm  
Anonymous Sky-Ho said...

My sources in the Pentagon say this info comes not from the Pentagon, per se, but from offices run by civilians.

One sent me emails of the pictures the administration is trying to "sell" the "people" on Iranian complicity.

He pointed out several inconsistencies, only a few of which have been pointed out, already. He laughed that the American people would believe the tripe over the "serial numbers/dates". He said that was the more transparent than the mobile bio-weapons labs asserted during the run-up to Iraq II.


He also opined that the "big lie" was more for the elite "decision-makers" in D.C. or was to give them "cover" for a plan already put into operation.

2:38 pm  
Anonymous gordo said...

I think it's now clear that Bush is trying to create an environment in which even the smallest incident, real or manufactured, will serve as a justification for an attack on Iran.

And of course, the fact that we would then be in open conflict with a regional power would serve as justification for continuing the occupation of Iraq indefinitely.

I used to think that Bush's security team was delusional enough to think that the war in Iraq could be won with an attack on Iran. Now I think that they're just trying to make sure that the US can't leave Iraq, at least not until a pro-western version of Hussein has been successfully put in charge of the country.

3:51 pm  
Anonymous Tom V said...

First of all, let me say that none of the thing this criminal, war-mongering Administration says, has any credibility to me. If it would be possible to score their honesty on truthtelling with negative numbers, I would do that.

However, the timing of these 'charges' are coming right on schedule as General Leonid Ivashov predicted on his article dated Jan 24th, which is highly disturbing.
Quote: "Within weeks from now, we will see the informational warfare machine start working. The public opinion is already under pressure. There will be a growing anti-Iranian militaristic hysteria, new information leaks, disinformation, etc."

Colonel Sam Gardiner fully agrees with the General in his article dated from Jan 16th.
Quote: " Just like before Gulf II, this media group will begin to release stories to sell a strike against Iran. Watch for the outrage stuff."

I don't like when information streaming-in from a lot of divergent and independent sources simultaneously, either high level or generally credible, and this is one of those example.
Take for instance Putin's speech in Munich: The guy is just not famous to make thunderous, highly emotional speeches, so that it happened anyway, is alarming to me.

This is at best, some very bad example of 'playing chicken' with everyone's nerves, so the Chimp-in-Chief's fragile male ego, may get some boost, or it is something infinitely worse.

1) General Leonid Ivashov: Iran Must Get Ready to Repel a Nuclear Attack

2) Colonel Sam Gardiner: The Pieces Are Being Put in Place

5:07 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

I'm spamming this here - it's from bootlian's recent comment on another thread.

Richard - and everyone else - read this:

** Iran Does NOT Manufacture 81MM Mortar Shells **

Pentagon carelessness fabricating bogus “evidence” against Iran is really quite stupendous..... (snip) .... the 81mm mortar shell offered up to the complaisant corporate media as “evidence” Iran is supplying weaponry to the Shi’a of Iraq is an obvious ruse, as the date on the proffered shell does not follow the Muslim calendar and other markings are in English when it only makes sense they would appear in Persian script .....(snip)...

But it gets worse. Read this from Kurt Nimmo.

5:36 pm  
Anonymous Tom V said...

I'm sorry about my messed-up link from above. I should've double-checked them before posting:

1st Link
2nd Link

6:11 pm  
Anonymous Phil said...

I can not believe that Russia will meekly allow the US to steal any more oil.

But here's the rub ~~ if Syria and or Lebanon get 'hit' by the massive fleet(s) now at anchor that will be (slightly) different (temporarily).

The US will have gained yet more ME territory ~~ this time territory which also greatly helps their control of the Eastern Med ~~ which is vital in several ways.

Get your maps out. Look North to Turkey. Then move east along it's Southern coastline. That's where a hell of a lot of new Caspian oil is leaving the new pipeline ~~ at the new port. And ports are built for shipping\traffic.

Think about it. It's not brain surgery.

9:01 pm  

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