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21 February 2007

Afghanistan: Taliban Spring 'Surge' Tough-Talk ...

Remember way back when Bush bragged about beating the terrible Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan?

But as usual, what does (Are there blacks in Brazil?), Bush know?

(Did someone say sweet f.a?)

Well, whatever.

But boy-oh-boy, have we got - some more - bad news for Bush.

The Taliban are back (if they ever went away), and when we say back -- we mean back, big-time.

Any surge you can do, we can do too, eh?

Taliban: Spring offensive is coming

Mullah Dadullah, the Taliban's military commander, has told Al Jazeera that he has deployed more than 6,000 of his fighters in preparation for a spring offensive against the Afghan government and its allies.

"The attack is imminent," he told Al Jazeera's Arabic channel in an interview aired on Wednesday.
"The number of Taliban mujahidin who are ready to launch the spring battle has reached 6000,"
And he added:
... [that] he might even be able to deploy even more volunteers if Nato troop increases continued to prompt more Afghans to take up arms.

"It may rise to 10,000," he said.
But it gets bloody better.

Looks like the uniter-not-divider-decider, has 'suffered' some more success.

Well, wouldn't you say?

... Ali Jan Orkazi, the governor of the North West Frontier province of neighbouring Pakistan, said that the Taliban was growing stronger.

"As time passes, Taliban becomes more powerful," he told Al Jazeera.

"Today, they have reached a stage where many local residents support them.

This makes it [the movement] evolve into a kind of a national and resistance movement; a kind of a liberation war against the coalition forces."
Read the rest of this report.

Jesus H., George -- did you ever do anything right?

Maybe much more to the point Mr President -- why won't you just get out of the White House -- and let some sane adults take charge?

The whole, wide world is finally fed up of your fuck-ups.

So, for God's sake, stupid -- sod off!



Anonymous kiwi said...

Hmm. Maybe those troops being pulled out of Iraq won't get as much leave as they thought.

3:26 pm  
Anonymous martha said...

But .. but .. but ..... we won. Surely our dear leaders wouldn't lie to us?

Oh, wait a minute .....

4:48 pm  
Anonymous Tom V said...

One can not agree more, than I do Richard.

It looks like the hegemonistic and overblown American Empire, is suffering and will continue to suffer the slow torture, culminating in an agonizingly drawn-out death -which originated in China,- and it is known as the 'death by ten thousand cuts'.

I think Richard, that there is a crisis mode setting-in in the US among those few, who are actually capable to grasp the significance of these developments.
I draw attention again to the Munich conference, and the speeches, in which some American participants made emphatic calls for all NATO members, to contribute significantly more troops to the Afghanistan 'mission', and restrain themselves to put various restrictions on their 'usage'.

There were some dark pictures drawn of dire civilizational consequences, if the 'mnission' in Afghanistan would fail, and desperate calls for unity, and for renewed re-invigorated efforts.

6:30 pm  
Anonymous stef said...

Italian PM hands in resignation

Troop deployments have split Mr Prodi's coalition

Congratulation AGAIN,, GWB. Now is another country split a half ~ and all is thanks to you.

7:55 pm  
Anonymous max said...

and the sooner he "sods off" the better

7:59 pm  
Anonymous the-grim-reaper said...

As the US sow, so shall the US reap.

You wait and see. I'm a'tellin' ya.

They'll be paid back several fold for their many evil sins of agression.

9:20 pm  

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