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19 February 2007

Prince Harry Headed For Iraq?


It seems Henry Charles Albert David Mountbatten-Windsor 's wish to wage war in Iraq (in person), could soon be coming true.

But then as third in line to the British throne there's probably nothing new in someone as special as
Prince Harry having his own way.

Here's the low down on the latest on the lad.

Iraq security nightmare for 'bullet magnet Harry

by Matthew Hickley and Rebecca English

Prince Harry appears to have won the battle to be allowed to join his men on operations in a war zone.

Army commanders are grappling with an unprecedented security headache as Prince Harry prepares to deploy to Iraq.

The third in line to the throne appears to have won the battle to join his men on operations in a war zone after months of high-level discussions during which he threatened to quit if he was left behind for his own safety.

Of course, Harry's apparently had his habit of courting controversy while wearing one uniform or other, for quite a while.

Remember the uproar regarding this?

Even when out & about without a uniform, Harry can't hide the fact that he's a real 'hands-on' type when it comes to grabbing a piece of any action available.

Ask Natalie; Natalie knows - first hand.

And no, that's not photo-shopped; that's the real, royal, young dirty-Harry lending a little lady friend a hand.

(We wonder whether Harry ever heard about Janet Jackson?)



Anonymous phil said...

I wouldn't want to be anywhere near him if he does go over there. He'll be THE target of all time. So will all those around him.

12:44 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

I agree with Phil. They may as well paint giant bullseyes on the backs of any other lads with him.

In a word - CRAZY. In another word - selfishness. Harry wants Harry gets!

11:54 am  
Anonymous whoever said...

Phil and Rex -- and me make three.

Also, the funniest thing thing on your blog today wasn't the ginger nut groping the girl -- it was that they're talking about sending a police protection officer alang with him.

The mind boggles. What planet are they on?

12:03 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who'd ever want another King Billy anyway?

1:15 pm  
Anonymous Tom V said...

I wonder if I'm the only soft-hearted, sentimental fool here? I partly understand some of the objections, but still, -on balance- I'm ready to give the young man the benefit of doubt, such as that his intentions are genuine and noble.
I think he wants to be taken seriously, and he wants to lead and share the dangers with his men. That is incidentally exactly what he was trained for, as oppose to playing empty, ceremonial roles, like if he would be a porcelain doll for exhibitional purposes.

The best thing for the Monarchy and the Government to realise, that he is a grown-up man, and the example he is making by himself, is an extraordinary propaganda opportunity, -although not without risks.-
(BTW That is the only objection, I have about this affair: The young Prince may make this terrible, unwinable war popular, for other impressionable youth.)

Neverless, I also understand the utter queasiness of the Theater High Command about this.
How will they going to accomplish the fine balance over the inherent contradiction, to give realistic enough missions and tasks to Prince Harry, so his young and fragile ego and his pride can grow, -or at least remain intact,- yet somehow watch and guard him from any serious danger, like if he were the most prescious Fabérge egg or even more? The Theater Commander must know, that despite all assurances to the contrary, which he may have received, any blunder which would result the loss or serious injury to Prince Harry, would not only end his military carrier in the blink of an eye, but he will be a marked and ostracised man for the rest of his miserable life.
At other more noble times and places, a commander fallen into his own sword, (in Rome) or comitted hara-kiri, (like in Imperial Japan), when failure of such magnitude had been commited.

7:37 pm  
Anonymous me said...

Oh, I see. He wants to "blood" himself. Like he did as a child when first going foxhunting? When first killing just for sport?
Only this time he fancies some human blood? Iraqi blood.

Disgusting. As is defending the indefensible.

11:43 pm  

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