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16 February 2007

C.I.A. Italian-Job, Kidnapping Capers - And Much, Much More ...

MILAN, Italy - A judge Friday indicted 26 Americans and five Italians in the abduction of an Egyptian terror suspect on a Milan street in what would be the first criminal trial stemming from the CIA's extraordinary rendition program.

The judge set a trial date for June 8, although the Americans, who have all left the country, almost certainly will not be returned to Italy.
So, they almost certainly won't be sent over to Italy to stand trial, eh?

So what's new?

Since when was the CIA ever accountable to anyone, other than it's own big boss(es)?

You know the type we're talking about; those like ex C.I.A. boss of bosses such as George H.W.Bush -- before he became President of the United States -- as also, incidentally ( and so soon afterwards), did G.H.W.B and big Babs' own blue eyed boy, George W. Bush.

Two of 'em, eh? Out of three hundred million plus, possibles?

Well, perhaps we shouldn't worry too much. Maybe certain special families really are born lucky. Eh?

But back to the 'Italian job,' business of the day.

The CIA has refused to comment on the case, which has put an uncomfortable spotlight on its operations.

Prosecutors are pressing the Italian government to seek the extradition of the Americans. The previous government of Silvio Berlusconi refused, and Premier Romano Prodi's center-left government has yet to make its decision.

Even if a request is made for their extradition — a move bound to further strain U.S.-Italian relations — it was unlikely that the CIA agents would be turned over for trial abroad.

Yeah, like we said, we already knew they're always considered special cases -- way above and beyond any laws of any land.

Including their own land (of the free?). As well as those mentioned below.

Prosecutors elsewhere in Europe are moving ahead with cases aimed at the CIA program.

This week, the Swiss government approved prosecutors' plans to investigate the flight

Read the full AP report right here.


Would you believe we almost forgot about this photo we found ... showing some other 'specialists' of their day ... in Bosnia, in 1999?

Nawrh ... never ... McCain could never become a president too ... nawrh ... it couldn't ever happen ... could it?

Finally, before we both bugger off -- how the hell could any specialist/covert/CIA kind of blog coverage be complete without including something this spectacularly special, from the forever fantastic Chris Floyd?

** Hefty hat-tips for the Floyd report go to Griffon in Oz and Mark A. in America.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

McCain = shicanery. Period.

10:00 pm  
Anonymous also_anonymous said...

Yep. What a way to run a country. Already two Bushes have ruled - almost consecutively - and now some want the same from the Clintons.

Too far fetched even for a screenplay - but see how many are buying it.

Why did they dump a monarchy in the first place if that's the kind of thing they like?

12:45 am  
Blogger markfromireland said...

An American company contracted to provide life insurance to British soldiers serving in Iraq is refusing to accept liability for the death of a military police officer because it does not accept that he died in service.

Captain Ken Masters, who led investigations into allegations of abuse against British troops in Basra, took his own life in October 2005 after the pressures of his position became too much for him. The coroner who presided over his inquest has asked the MoD to improve systems to deal with the kind of psychological damage he suffered. But AIG, which by arrangement with the Army receives payments direct from soldiers' salaries, does not include psychological harm within its definition of "bodily injury" covered by its policy and has now told Captain Masters' widow, Alison, that she has no entitlement.

Full story at link Richard if you know anyone interested in blogging that would appreciate your passing it on.

2:39 am  
Anonymous whoever said...

That Floyd piece is brilliant. It confirms a lot of suspicions I already had, but then that's probably true of lots of others too.

5:02 pm  
Anonymous denk said...

We Do What We Like: Return Our Rapist or Else ...

3:27 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

Here's how the ordinary Italian feels about all the US shit.

Italians march in US base protest

Protesters came from all over the country

Tens of thousands of people have marched in the north-eastern Italian city of Vicenza against a planned extension of the US army base there.

Organisers say the majority of local people are opposed to US plans. They say Prime Minister Romano Prodi has ignored strong local objections.

Mr Prodi is going ahead with a plan agreed by his pro-US predecessor, Silvio Berlusconi.

Despite fears of possible violence, the march passed off peacefully.

Link here.

11:32 am  
Blogger Richard said...

Mark, thanks for that link. Now all done & dusted.

Thanks for yours too, Denk.

11:34 am  
Anonymous denk said...


i should thank you for offering me the opporunity to post my 2 cents here.
i have been ex-communicated by all the msm and the "progressive" antiwar and atimes too. lol.

12:36 pm  

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