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21 September 2006

Wishing You Were Here With Us In Heavenly Fethiye Harbour ...

Heavenly Fethiye Harbour.

Hello again from Turkey.

Wish you were here?

Well, we certainly wish you all were. Really. What a wow that would be, eh?

Anyway, in the meantime we've not an awful lot to report on other than to say that the millions of magnificent Muslim people of Turkey continue to act as unlike marauding, murdering terrarrists as possible -- as per usual.

In fact, they continue to help make our stay as near perfect as possible.

Apart from one wise guy, that is.

A con-man market trader we ran into yesterday. Well, there's always at least one of 'em where ever one goes, ain't there?

As expected, his first asking price for a nice leather belt was far too high, at 65 Lira.

Again, as expected, the traditional old barter-barter-barter routine brought the price down -- and down -- and down -- and down.

Eventually, he finished up making his final 'offer one couldn't refuse'. And, would you believe that the old rogue finally came down to just 10 Lira?

Yep, you read that right -- all the way down from an original 65 Lira -- to only 10 Lira.

Y'see, the poor fellow hadn't reckoned on ever having to deal with Mrs Old Brit. Since when she says 'no' -- you can bet you're bottom dollar (or lira, or pound or whatever), that she means 'no' -- in a big, big way. You'd better believe it.

So, as our final four days are now sort of staring us straight in the face, here's where we're signing off on another short 'drive by' post -- 'cos the truth is that we don't want to miss a minute of our remaining time here in Turkey.

In the meantime, stay tuned.



Blogger enigma4ever said...

Have a lovely stay ...left of your time there...thanks for sharing your ventures....take care....

7:42 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:51 am  
Blogger markfromireland said...

You've got some anonymous troll spammers to clean up when you get back Richard. Oh well. Glad to hear you're having a good time.

I don't usually do this and it's way too off topic for my blog but have a read of this from The Independent. Somebody has finally turned round and told (white privileged male middle class) Tony Blair to STFU with the sermonising and constantly telling women what to do. At one point I used to do a fair amount of voluntary work with single mothers (and as you know Dario was adopted.)

It really used to piss me off that people whom I knew to be mostly decent people trying to do their best were so constantly stigmatised. I'm delighted that a single mother reduced him to "a gibbering wreck" he constantly plays to the lowest common denominator of mean-mindedness.

NEC member attacks Blair as father over Euan arrest
By Colin Brown and Andrew Grice
Published: 23 September 2006

An astonishing attack on Tony Blair as a father was made at a private meeting of Labour's ruling body by a trade union official who is a single mother.

Members of the party's national executive committee watched in amazement as Harriet Yeo launched a broadside over Mr Blair's remarks about teenage mothers in a speech on social exclusion earlier this month.

She hit back by referring to the incident in which his son Euan, then 16, was arrested after being found by police in Leicester Square, where he had vomited on the pavement.

She said she was an unmarried mother but not all of them were feckless. "My daughter has not disgraced me, not like your son who was found drunk in the gutter. We don't want lectures from you," she said.

Ms Yeo, whose daughter Angharad, 27, is studying politics, philosophy and economics at Kent University after trying working as an artist, added: "I don't like establishment men making political capital out of young poor women."

Ms Yeo, from the white-collar union TSSA, was sitting only a few feet away from Mr Blair at Wednesday's meeting at Portcullis House next to Parliament.

She accused Mr Blair of stigmatising all single mothers in a speech in which he called for early state intervention to prevent teenage pregnancies to break the cycle of deprivation. She also objected to his suggestion in an interview that unmarried mothers went into prostitution.

A grim-faced Mr Blair had been taking questions on his leader's report to the NEC. "Blair was reduced to a gibbering wreck," said one eye witness. "Harriet said she was an unmarried mother and how dare he lecture anyone on how to bring up their own family. Gordon [Brown] just sat there. There was a stunned silence." One member of the committee said: "It is the most devastating thing we have ever seen at an NEC meeting."

The Prime Minister insisted that Ms Yeo had misunderstood his speech, saying that he did not attack unmarried mothers and denied suggesting that they were all prostitutes.

But some NEC members said "hear, hear" in support of Ms Yeo when she was speaking. "She was quite right. We don't want lectures from middle-class parents like Blair patronising working-class mothers," said another Labour figure. "His family is dysfunctional. He is not in a position to lecture anyone about bringing up families."

Ms Yeo has been a member of the TSSA since 1994 in the south eastern (Kent) branch. She was first elected to the union's executive committee in in 1998.

Yesterday Ms Yeo said: "I have no regrets at all. I wanted him to feel the way he made teenage mothers feel. I did what was necessary.

"I did not criticise the policy. When I hear Hilary Armstrong [the Social Exclusion minister] talking about it, it sounds totally different. He [Mr Blair] showed his attitude towards women. He talks about prostitute mothers but he never talks about pimp fathers or what he will make the fathers do. It is all about what he will make he women do."

In his speech, Mr Blair said the "hard-to-reach" groups his "social exclusion plan" hoped to target included children in care, families with complex problems, teenage pregnancies and mental health patients.

In an earlier BBC interview, he said social intervention could happen "pre-birth". Clarifying these remarks, he told his audience in York "I am not talking about 'baby Asbos', trying to make the state raise children, or interfering with normal family life".

From The Indy

9:21 am  
Anonymous Griffon said...

If you stood that bloke on his head, he'd still look the same - especially when he talks.
Maybe that's why he doesn't know which way is up.

2:08 pm  
Anonymous bluey said...

Don't forgrt to bring us all a box of 'Turkish Delight' when you get back home.

4:19 pm  
Anonymous gordo said...


I don't usually have any use for the things that Christopher Hitchens says, but he was on target after the senate failed to remove Clinton from office.

Disappointed by the outcome, Hitchens said words to the effect of, "I can take some comfort from the fact that we'll now be spared the sight of Clinton solemnly wagging his finger at teenagers who have sex."

5:08 am  
Anonymous kiwi said...

Hope you're still enjoying it all, Brit. Btw, isn't today the first day of Ramadan over there? The fasting and all?

And when are you due back home? Soon isn't it?

7:18 pm  
Anonymous Aileron said...

Old Brit,

You failed to acknowledge my correction at LA, so I thought it would be appropriate to restate it in some detail here.

You stated:

"Here’s a message for Sue from an old Brit in a country that borders Iraq.

Rubbish. Iraq sponsored NO terrorists.

You really don’t have a Sue what you’re talking about. You’re spouting second-hand — parot fashion."

Your claim is utterly and demonstrably false. If you don't believe me, then consider this quote from Ape Man:

"This is the sort of claim that can be presented without any evidence or explanation within the doctrinal system, because even asking for clarification is tantamount to “defending Saddam.” So instead of asking, I’ll answer. Saddam certainly supported terrorism. He supported Palestinian terrorism against Israel. He perpetrated terrorism against his own population.

What he did not do, what he never did, was support terrorism against the United States. There is not now, nor has there ever been, any credible evidence linking Saddam to terrorism against United States citizens either in the United States or anywhere outside of Iraq."

Interestingly, Ape admits that Saddam supported Palestinian terrorism, but made the mistake of claiming that Saddam never supported terrorism against Americans. To which I replied:

"Tell that to the families of the following American citizens:

Eish Kodesh Gilmor
Kobi Mandell
Samuel Berg, and his mother, Sarah Blaustein
Shoshana Greenbaum
Avraham Boaz
Mark Sokolow, his wife, and 16 and 12-year-old daughters

All killed between October 2000 and January 2002 by Palestinian terrorist supported by Saddam."

I believe you owe Sue and apology, and I sincerely hope, kind sir, and I mean that most sincerely, sir. "I truly wish I (or others), could help you comprehend the truth."

6:26 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Thanks for all your loyal support, friends.

Now, lets get back to blogging, eh?


10:39 pm  

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