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16 September 2006

A Postcard From Turkey ...


Sorry we took so long, but doesn't time fly when you're having fun?

Anyhow, better late than never, or so they say.

The truth is that we've been running the legs off brother Harry and his lovely wife Liz, and in Liz's case, indoors as well as outdoors.

Well, as you've probably guessed by now, we've not been kidnapped nor taken prisoner by any of those several million Muslims we landed amongst on Monday.

We doubt either will happen tomorrow, or even the next day.

Maybe one of you could contact Fox to tell them that, eh?.

Seriously though, it is PERFECT here -- with a capital "P".

The photo above is no fake. Not photo-shopped or altered/enhanced in any way at all.

I took it myself last night as the sun set over Calis beach, just outside Fethiye, Southern (Med coast) Turkey.

That was the view from the beachfront cafe/bar "NIL" as we sat back sipping some apple tea.

Well, sorry to say this has to be short & sweet, as it's an early start again tomorrow, since we're off for a full day's sailing around the "12 Islands" -- which we've done before -- and it's brilliant.

So g'night for now and we'll try to post again soon.



Blogger Sophia said...

Dear Richard,
I am glad you are having a good time. Sailing the islands near Turkey, lucky You!

8:15 pm  
Anonymous Rosemary said...

Really glad you are able to explore the waterways around the islands and those white sand beaches again. I'm envious as can be! Looking forward to more photos .....

9:54 pm  
Anonymous graniab said...

thinking of you and the missus scarfing down 'turkish delight' without a care!

8:26 pm  
Anonymous Tazmanian said...

Enjoy, you lucky sods!!

9:56 pm  
Anonymous Rex said...

Lucky sods is right. But then I'm just flat out jealous. Heh. Enjoy, Richard. Then hurry home all safe & sound.

9:09 pm  
Blogger bootlian said...

Hey! Where's my postcard? Seeing as we're all sat at home feeling green with envy, a postcard's the least you could do.

Seriously, make the most of it mate, you and the wife deserve it.

9:12 pm  
Anonymous Griffon said...

A couple of links for you all. One funny (in a rueful way) and one not funny at all.

Billmon on Orwell


James Lovelock on Global Warming

I don't normally link to the WaPo but this is an exeption. It's painful to load but well worth the wait and ads. (don't forget to clear your cookies afterwards!)

2:06 am  
Anonymous bluey said...

Grrrr. I hate you. I wanna be there. ;-)

(all the same .... enjoy)

8:03 pm  
Anonymous Griffon said...

There's a great address to the UN by Hugo Chavez here

I love the imagery!

3:11 am  
Anonymous Griffon said...

Oh, and more on the Gummint's bomb hoax at Nafeez Ahmed's blog. Blows it sky-high, so to speak!

3:17 am  

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