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26 September 2006

Just In Case You Cared ... This Old Brit's Back Home ...


In the time honoured, well worn and corny, tired old words of all the worst travelogue narrators ...
"... and so it is with heavy heart that we finally bid a fond farewell to one of the finest jewels of the warm, deep blue Mediterranean Sea, the harbour city of Fethiye -- a veritable little piece paradise on Turkey's South West coast.

"Turkey - Asia Minor - where East meets West - and the very best of both worlds combine to woo & welcome us back - time and time again."

Okay, we know, we know ... the 'tired old', 'well worn', 'heavy heart' (and heavy lines & wrinkles), and 'corny' -- are only too obvious. But we should give a shit. Since we simply loved it there, and aren't at all ashamed to show such 'soppy' sorts of feelings -- bloody big time.

So, as soon as we've sorted out our luggage, shopped for some food, payed some outstanding bills and seen to some similarly, serial pain-in-the-arse, mundane matters -- we'll be back to banging on about all the kinds of things we always bang on about.

Yep. You bet we will.

Which, incidentally, should be within the next 24 hours.

By the way, before we bugger off again, for a bit -- did we tell you we missed you?

'Cos we did.

Later, friends.



Anonymous mark abbott said...

Welcome home, traveler!

Glad to hear you've safely arrived and are raring to get back into calling it like you see it. You've been missed!

10:58 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay! What mark abbot said. Great to *see* you again Richard.

Hope that's nothing stronger than Turkish tea or coffee in the glass on the table. ;~}

3:41 am  
Anonymous Rosemary said...

Good to have you back, Richard. We are all eager to hear more about the trip, and how the Old Brit "sizes up" the world situation from another vantage point.

And more photos, I hope!

4:41 am  
Blogger Tom said...

So glad you are back. The Bush and Blair approval ratings were trying to go up without your input.

3:19 pm  
Anonymous xxx said...

I'm with everyone else, Old Brit. Glad you're back -- and like Rosemary, I want some pics too -- and some stories.

4:04 pm  
Anonymous kiwi said...

'Bout time too. Just joking Richard; it's good to hear you're both back safe and sound. I've missed y'all.

11:27 pm  
Blogger bootlian said...

Oiy! You! The happy wanderer! I'm still waiting for my box of Turkish Delight, and my postcard.


12:29 am  
Anonymous Griffon said...

The March to War: Iran Preparing for US Air Attacks

by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

2:36 pm  
Anonymous Rex said...

Glad you're back, Brit. But isn't it time to get back to the blogging business proper? You know - blowing the buggers right out the water each time they need to be?


4:37 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

You are all too kind -- but thanks a bunch.

Okay, lets roll. Latest blogpost is now online. In the firing line today? Would you believe it's Bush, Blair AND Clinton?

10:42 pm  
Blogger Sophia said...

Hello Richard,
What a wonderful expression is this: 'working my socks off', I am going to serve to to my husband next time.
I hope you are reloaded. I saw your pictures of Turkey, beautiful, I read also the incident with the belt vendor. I was in Turkey just before you were there but not sailing, just visitng Istanbul and attending a conference.

Welcome back on the blogosphere...

2:28 am  

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