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05 June 2005

Busy Bunch of Bs ...

Sen. J. Bingaman

Bush, Blair, Brown and Bingaman.
What does such a busy bunch of blokes, currently have in common? [ Besides the blindingly obvious. ]
Take a tour through today's 'teaser' list, to see .

** Tomorrow, Tony Blair will venture into the lion's den, to beard George Bush on the two questions that most sharply divide Britain and the United States: aid to Africa, and global warming.

Publicly, British officials have been stressing the points on which London and Washington agree. They praise George Bush for having trebled the US's aid budget during his presidency, and say that the US and UK are united in their view that aid must be strictly monitored to ensure it goes into projects such as hospitals and schools, not into financing war or corruption.

Privately, the British officials preparing for the summit have been amazed and angered by the "utter intransigence" of the Bush administration.

Suggestions that Mr Blair needs to be rewarded for supporting the US in Iraq have met a dismissive response: "That was then; this is now." **
( snip )
I ask you, how the hell is that - for standing "shoulder to shoulder," eh? With friends like these, who needs enemies?
** Gordon Brown's idea of creating an International Financing Facility (IFF) for Africa has been brusquely dismissed. "We have made our position pretty clear on that: that it doesn't fit our budgetary process," President Bush said last week. He reiterated his position privately to President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa ... **
( snip )
But it was mainly this - which surprised me so much.
** In these unpromising circumstances, Mr Blair has taken the unusual step of inviting up to 20 senators to a meeting at the British embassy to put his case directly to them.
A spokeswoman for Senator Bingaman said last night: "I guess [Mr Blair] is aware that the Bush administration is not interested, but he must know that does not apply to everybody else. Things can be done in Washington without the White House, especially if there is strong support in Congress."
( snip )
I have to admit that don't know much about Senator Jeff Bingaman. However, I'm most certainly intrigued.
** Here's the link for today's relevant 'Independent' piece. Written by a formidable, five man reporting team; Andy McSmith, Andrew Buncombe, Geoffrey Lean and Severin Carrell.


Blogger D.F. Facti said...

Bingaman is a Democrat from New Mexico.

Tony Blair learned the hard way what BushCo is all about - use 'em and then throw 'em overboard.

I had hoped that Blair would set the tone in the international arena where American and British interests intersect, since, as we all know, Junior had zero international cred.

Well, I guess when you make your own reality, when you're one of history's actors - the rest of us being fodder, swept up in the dust pan labled 'W' - leaders of other sovereign nations, including our CLOSEST FRIGGING ALLY, don't rate.

11:09 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

My view [ and the view of so many others over here ]is that Blair deserves everything and anything he gets [or doesn't get] from Bushco. Unfortunately, Blair's humilation[s] becomes all Brit's, too

12:58 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Richard, found your blog through Elaine - True regarding Blair - I was hoping that the Queen would some how not accept him as Prime Minister this time round - one can only hope.

We (in Australia) are stuck with the other toad - Mr John Howard Who only seems to be able to say to Bush "Yes Sir How High?" - Unfortunately we are stuck with him until the Australian voters finally wake up - so far two major election promises broken - Troops to Iraq and Rate Rises - they lied and said that only a Labour Government would rais them - unfortunately another two years of the Coalition government. *sigh* As per America the government seems to be dismantling any independent news sources - though its not as bad as America - yet...

8:23 am  
Blogger Richard said...

Hello there, down under. Nice to hear from you.

I'm no too well up on all of Howard's shennaningans, but I do know that he's tarred with same brush as Bush & Blair. Self serving liars, all of them.

So, your media is under the scew too, eh? It gets worse, doesn't it? Even the BBC is only a shadow of what it once was.

These people currently in power have a lot to answer for. I just hope they're called to account and made to pay a price by the people they've cheated. And, sooner rather than later.

Please call at the Old Brit's again. Following the internet is one way to avoid having to swallow all the lies constantly served up. Bloggers and other people all over the globe are increasingly getting the real big-picture, by constantly communicating & passing info on to each other.

Here's hoping to see you here again, soon.

12:22 pm  

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