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04 December 2008

Canada Crisis : PM Stephen Harper's shameless 'power politics' ploy

No wonder so many of us are so seriously sickened so often.

Canadian leader shuts Parliament to keep power

OTTAWA – Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper shut down Parliament on Thursday in an unprecedented attempt to keep his government in power, fending off a no-confidence vote he was all but certain to lose.


Governor General Michaelle Jean, who represents Britain's Queen Elizabeth II as head of state, granted the unusual request to suspend parliament.

Had she refused, Harper would have had two choices: step down or face a no-confidence vote Monday he was sure to lose.

Harper would not offer details on their conversation.
Read the rest of this report -- so long as you're not scared of being sickened.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Typical of our leaders today. If ever real "democracy" looks like rocking the boat -- we'd all better watch out.

Glad you're better, Richard.

11:29 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to see you're up and about again.

As for Harper, what's new. He's been a shit since day one. Before that even. No matter, his days are numbered and he's only postponing the inevitable. Mark my words.

5:56 pm  
Blogger Nevin said...

This is absolutely incredible! How can he do this? Is this even legal?

10:59 pm  

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