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09 July 2008

Today in Istanbul, Turkey: Terror Attack on American Consulate



Anyone following our humble blog, even on only a semi-regular basis, can't fail to have realised we have an ongoing, passionate love affair with one particular place called Turkey. Or, as almost all British holiday companies and travel agents have long preferred to refer to it as -- "Paradise".

Paradise of course for those who've never experienced, nor witnessed, the dirty work of the Kurdish communist, poxy, terrorist, turds referred to as the PKK.

Okay, preamble over. Here's the horrible headline we're highlighting today.

Attack at US Istanbul consulate

Turkey has seen armed attacks from a variety of groups over the years

Three policemen and three gunmen have been killed in an armed attack near the US consulate in the
Turkish city of Istanbul, its governor has said.

The identity of the attackers is still unclear, but they began shooting at 1100 (0800GMT). The police are looking for a fourth man seen with them.

Another policeman and the driver of a police tow-truck were injured in the ensuing gun battle, the governor added.
Read the rest of this report right here.

It's only fair to say, by the way, that at the time of typing this, no one is certain that this cowardly cretinous attack is definitely the work of
the PKK.

But we'll bet good money that that turns out to be the case. And before anyone begins accusing us of being against the Kurdish people - please pay appropriate attention: what we are (strongly), against is not any entire nation - but any & every terrorist group;whoever, wherever, whatever. Clear enough? Comprendo?

Incidentally, we know for a fact, first hand, that there's always a lot of crap (continuously), talked about Turkey by folk who've never actually accumulated any knowledge (at all) re; this spectacularly sucessful secular Muslim country - other than via (usually), blatantly biased, second-hand hearsay.

For example:
How many reading here were remotely aware of
the other face of Istanbul?

Suitably surprised?

We certainly hope so.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you read any of Barbara Nadel's books about Stamboul? I can't recall the name of her Turkish policeman, but he's a very likeable hero. Highly recommended.

As for the bomb attack, I wonder what the 'official' version will be; PKK or Al-Qaeda?


7:59 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Something stinks here. I mean REALLY stinks. This was no 'ordinary' attack by the PKK... or al-Q. Some patsies set up and used - yep, but by who?

I din't think any of us need more than one guess. Do we?

Next question is why? And why "now"?

11:22 pm  

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